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Digging Permit Digging Permit Procedures

All proposed digging or excavation by military units must be approved through the Environmental Office (DPW-ENV), Building 1938, Building 1939, Building 4622, prior to scheduling at Building 4213.

  • REQUIREMENTS FOR DIGGING PERMITS: Fill out a FORM 200-X10 (BLANK FORMS ARE LOCATED OUTSIDE OF THE DIGGING PERMIT OFFICE) or by contacting Mrs. Bode she will send you all of the forms and coordination you need for a digging permit via e-mail or fax.
  • Furnish the following information:
    • Name of requestor
    • Name of organization (address and telephone number)
    • The purpose of the excavation and contract number (if applicable)
  • Allow at least 3 weeks for scheduling. During peak periods, this time frame may vary. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule as much in advance as possible.
  • The general contractor and all sub-contractors should arrange to schedule on the same date and time. Each general contractor and each sub-contractor must have a digging permit for each site.
  • Soldiers who need to get a digging permit for training areas will need to contact Range Control at 287-8707
To pick up a digging permit after it has been approved:
  • Come during regular office hours to pick up your signed permit. The signed permits are in a box outside of Room 35, Building 4213 in a box marked “APPROVED DIGGING REQUESTS”.
  • For more information on Digging Permits please call us at 287-9735 or e-mail Ms. Bode at:
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