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Contaminated Soil and Used Dry Sweep Turn In

Hours of Operation: M-TH 0730-1530
Manager: Earl "Dee" Hawkins GS-07
Phone Number: 254-286-5993
Points of Contact: KayLauree Cano-Pope (Appointments/Database Support) or
Earl "Dee" Hawkins (Bio-site Operator)
Location: Bldg 1953, 37th Street and North Ave.
  • Call for a turn-in appointment at 286-5993.
  • We take contaminated soil and used dry sweep and both should be debris free.
  • Do not mix the contaminated soil and used dry sweep.
  • We do not take soil or dry sweep in plastic bags; you may turn it in using drums, trash cans, bins, boxes, and trailers.
  • Bring a copy of a completed DA Form 3161 with you to your appointment.
  • Transport contaminated soil and used dry sweep in a military vehicle only.
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