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Cultural Resources Reports

This page is the gateway to a vast amount of information FTHCRM has collected since 1978 when the program began. This section provides links to reports resulting from work performed by or implemented by FTHCRM. Some reports are from contracts while others are from research projects. The following FTHCRM Reports are available in pdf format.

  Title Authors Year
12 Ethnoarchaeological Studies at a 20th Century Farmstead in Central Texas: The W. Jarvis Henderson Site       (41BL273) Carlson, Shawn Bonath 1984
13 Standard Operating Procedure for Field Surveys Briuer, Frederick L. and George B. Thomas (eds) 1986
36 Evaluation of 710 Historic Sites on Fort Hood for Eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places: Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas Stabler, Jennifer 1996
41 Archeological Investigations and Integrity Assessments of Historic Sites at Fort Hood Texas Blake, Marie E. 2001
42 Agriculture and Rural Development on Fort Hood Lands, 1849-1942: National Register Assessments of 710 Historic Archaeological Properties Freeman, Martha Doty, Amy E. Dase, and Marie E. Blake 2001
43 Historical Research of 401 Sites at Fort Hood, Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas Ward, Russel B., Marie E. Blake, Amy E. Dase, and Martha Doty Freeman 2000
v. 1&2
Just Like Yesterday: Recollections of Life on Fort Hood Lands Volumes 1 &    Volume 2 Dase, Amy E., Martha Doty Freeman, William S. Pugsley III, Thad Sitton and Marie Blake 2003
52 Historical Investigation and Structural Recording of a Concrete Dam on Reese Creek, Mayberry Park (41BL165), Fort Hood, Texas Thad Sitton and Douglas K. Boyd 2003
NA Imprint on the Land, Life Before Camp Hood 1820-1942 William Pugsley 2001
56 Fort Hood Early Cold War Inventory and Evaluation Final Report Julie Webster, Megan Tooker, Dawn Morrison, Susan Enscore, Suzanne Loechl and Martin Stupich 2007
57 Heritage Management at Fort Hood, Texas Experiments in Historic Landscape Characterisation Glynn Barrett, Lucie Dingwall, Vince Gaffney, Simon Fitch, Cheryl Huckerby and Tony Maguire 2007
58 Killeen Base Oral History Amy E. Dase and Stephanie L. Katauskas 2011
1 Cold War Landscapes at Fort Hood, Texas Amy E. Dase 2014
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