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Biological Oxygen Demand-BOD
N,P,K---phosphates needed to grow…nutrients
Encourages growth, leads to overgrowth, starve, die,
O2 needed to decompose the dead bugs… methane and oxygen sulfide produced.
Use lake diagram.
Use Dog Poop contamination
Use grass clipping
Total Suspended Solids-TSS
Hard to clean, prevents growth in water
Water leaving waste water treatment plant cleaner than going into drinking water plant.
Purple pipe plan takes water from waste water to drinking water
River walk is this starts out clean
As a small municipality (<100,000 people) Fort Hood is required to obtain a storm water permit to discharge storm water to waters of the US.  There are 6 minimum control measures that Fort Hood must follow.  The main goal of the permit is to make the community aware of storm water pollution and how the community can help prevent storm water pollution.
When is the worse time to drive when it is raining?
Storm water in  a nut shell
DO not biodegrade
DO not biodegrade
DO not biodegrade
DO not biodegrade
All soil coming into motor pool is potentially contaminated.  DO not put in drainage system
Containerized and take to biosite
If a little is good is a lot better?
Try the least toxic.  At work only use what is allowed to purchase at hazmart.
Follow directions, only use for intended purpose.
Fort Hood has a permitted limit of 16 M gallons per day.  We have surpassed this limit three times in the past.
Straw with hole, can’t drink
If hole in the system, then toilets back up and stuff will get sucked up in drinking water system.  Ensure this won’t happen with air gaps. 
Grease and feminine products cause sewer backups…
Garbage disposal
Cooking oil messed up system