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Fort Hood is required to educate the community of the pollution potential of common activities, and increase awareness of the direct links between land activities, rainfall runoff, storm drains, and local water resources. Fort Hood has developed an educational program that distributes educational materials and conducts equivalent outreach activities on storm water discharges that enter the MS4. By providing educational materials to the public, conducting training classes for military, civilian, and contractor personnel, creating educational programs for commercial and industrial facilities, and coordinating public environmental outreach events, Fort Hood is educating the community on the impacts of daily activities on storm water quality.

Training Courses

Compliance Officer (ECO) Course
The ECO course is offered to military, civilian, and contractor personnel. Each unit/activity on Fort Hood must have an Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) appointed. The ECO must attend this week long training and pass a written examination prior to receiving a certificate of training. A one-day course is available for ECO assistants and an ECO refresher course is provided quarterly. To sign up for a course please contact the DPW-ENV trainer at 287-8755 or 535-6221.
Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Training Course for DFACs and Commercial Restaurants
The FOG training course is offered to DFACs and commercial restaurants to help reduce the amount of grease buildup in sewer lines. The buildup of grease in sewer lines eventually leads to sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) which in return affect water quality. The course includes a 20 minute presentation followed by a TCEQ video titled “Lets Tackle Grease in the Kitchen”. The training class is designed to inform employees of good housekeeping techniques in the kitchen that can reduce the amount of FOG that enters the sewer system. To schedule a course at your DFAC or restaurant, please contact the DPW-ENV water quality specialist at 287-9812. For FOG brochures, posters, and handouts click on the icons below.
Construction Site Operator Compliance Course
The Construction Site Operator Compliance Course is scheduled to be developed in year 3 (2010) of the SWMP. The course will outline the requirements of the TXR150000 construction storm water general permit and inform inspectors of the proper design, implementation, and maintenance of storm water BMPs. Construction contractors on Fort Hood will be required to appoint a storm water inspector for each construction site. The storm water inspector will be required to attend this course prior to the commencement of the construction project.
Industrial Site Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training
The Industrial Site Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training is offered to sites that require coverage under TXR050000 industrial storm water general permit. The course is designed to educate personnel on good housekeeping practices that prevent pollutants from entering the MS4. This training is required annually for all essential employees working in permitted facilities. To find out if your unit/activity is covered under the general permit, click on the link above. For information on obtaining course materials please contact the DPW-ENV water quality specialist at 618-8888.

Educational Materials and Handouts

Flyers, Brochures, and Educational Posters
The DPW-ENV water program has developed numerous flyers, brochures, and posters to educate the public on storm water awareness. In addition, the water program hands out these educational materials at public outreach functions and posts them in public locations. To download these educational handouts, please click the icons below.
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Additional information can also be found at the following websites:
Educational Handouts and Lesson Plans for Teachers and Students

Public Outreach Events

Earth Day
Every year in April, the DPW-ENV division hosts festivities to celebrate Earth Day. Educational displays are used to teach students about environmental quality. The Fort Hood Water Program attends the event and conducts training activities for students. Displays include a water quality training module that simulates pollutants in the environment and how they are carried away by rainfall. Students are encouraged to participate and flyers and handouts are passed out educating the community about storm water awareness. For information on Earth Day activities, or to participate in the Earth Day activities please contact the Fort Hood environmental division at 287-6499.
Hood Howdy
Fort Hood hosts bi-annual Hood Howdy events at the Fort Hood Catering and Conference Center. Hood Howdy is a family-friendly event, full of information to get to know Fort Hood and the surrounding area. The event features healthy-living information, booths hosted by chambers of commerce from the surrounding cities, booths from more than 100 area businesses and agencies, door prizes and refreshments. The Fort Hood Water Program attends these events to create public awareness on water quality and how Fort Hood residents can help prevent storm water pollution. Brochures and flyers are handed out educating the public on pollution prevention tips.
Recycle Day
Every year in November, the Fort Hood Recycle Program hosts an event to promote America Recycles Day. The event promotes the reuse and recycling of products and brings awareness to the community about the benefits of recycling. The Fort Hood Water program attends the event and hands out educational flyers to promote storm water awareness and how recycling can help benefit storm water quality. For more information about Recycle Day or for information on recycling on Fort Hood, please contact the Fort Hood Recycle Center at 287-1606.
Visits to Area Schools
The Fort Hood Water program is committed to educating our community and most importantly our future. Throughout the school year, the Fort Hood Water Program will attend school events such as Science Day at local schools. The water program can develop lesson plans and displays emphasizing water quality awareness and pollution prevention for any grade level. If area schools and teachers are interested in inviting the Fort Hood Water Program to visit your school for an event, please contact 287-9812.

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