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Fort Hood must allow the community to participate in the development and implementation of the SWMP invites the public to provide comments on the implementation of the SWMP. In addition, Fort Hood invites the public to participate in public meetings and volunteer activities such as waterway cleanups, spring/fall cleanup, and private volunteer group functions that will promote public awareness on storm water quality. Also, Fort Hood has developed multiple programs that will allow the public to properly dispose of used household products that will help prevent storm water pollution.

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Public Meetings

Environmental Quality Control Committee Meetings
The Environmental Quality Control Committee (EQCC) meeting occurs once every quarter throughout the year. The EQCC is a forum for developing ideas, coordinating activities, and developing recommendations to preserve or enhance the environment and ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. The committee consists of key individuals at Fort Hood including but not limited to the Garrison Commander, the Directorate of Public Works (DPW), the Chief of Environmental Programs, and the Staff Judge Advocate. The DPW-ENV Storm Water Program presents an update of the status of the SWMP once per year at an EQCC meeting. For information on EQCC meetings, please contact the DPW-ENV division at 287-6499.
Community Service Council Meetings
The Community Service Council (CSC) Meeting is a monthly community-wide forum that brings about of Fort Hood and area community events and activities. CSC meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 09:30 in the Community Events, Building #50012 on Clear Creek Road. The meetings are recorded and televised on a local Fort Hood channel for the Fort Hood community. The DPW-ENV Storm Water Program will periodically present storm water awareness information at the meeting and hand out brochures to be passed out by village mayors.
Sustainability Water Team Meetings
The DPW-ENV water program periodically meets to discuss goals and objectives for the sustainability program. At the meetings the water team sets goals and objectives for the Installation to meet in program areas such as water conservation, water quality, and public outreach and awareness. Updates are made to the sustainability database to determine how the Installation is operating in relation to those goals. For information on the sustainability water team meetings, please contact the DPW-ENV water program at 287-9812.
Volunteer Projects
The DPW-ENV water program develops volunteer activities that involve Fort Hood and the surrounding communities. These volunteer projects will allow the public to become involved in storm water awareness programs and will educate the public on the hazards of trash and other pollutants to the environment. Volunteer groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, family activity groups, and school related functions are welcomed to contact the DPW-ENV water program to schedule or participate in the volunteer activities such as waterway cleanups or trash pick-up. For information on conducting a volunteer activity, please contact the DPW-ENV water program at 287-9812 or the DPW-ENV outreach coordinator at 535-1008.

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