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GI Drain.jpgMCM-6 Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping



Fort Hood must establish an operation and maintenance program, including an employee training component that has the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing pollutant runoff from municipal operations. The municipal staff conducts numerous operational and maintenance activities on a daily basis that have the potential of affecting storm water runoff. Structural and non-structural controls must be developed to ensure that municipal operations are conducted properly to prevent storm water pollution in the following municipally owned areas:
  • Infiltration of rain water through vegetated trenches and basins with some infiltration devices
  • Park and open space maintenance
  • Street and road maintenance
  • Fleet and building maintenance
  • Storm water system maintenance
  • New construction and land disturbances
  • Municipal parking lots
  • Vehicle equipment maintenance and storage yards
  • Waste transfer station
  • Material storage yard (i.e. sand, soil, asphalt)
Fort Hood has adopted the following programs to ensure municipal operations are conducted using proper pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices.

Environmental Compliance Assessment Team (ECAT) Inspections

The ECAT team conducts semi-annual compliance assessments of all activities located on Fort Hood in all areas related to environmental management and compliance. These assessments ensure that good housekeeping measures are conducted during day-to-day operations in order to comply with all environmental laws and regulations. In addition, the ECAT team conducts routine drive thru (RDT) visits of activities to inspect for improper good housekeeping practices. For more information on the ECAT inspections, or to request a courtesy assessment to ensure your activity is in compliance, please visit the ECAT website by clicking the link above or contact the ECAT team leader at 254-287-9103.

Industrial Activities Training

Fort Hood currently conducts annual storm water training for employees of all permitted industrial storm water sites on Fort Hood. There are currently 45 permitted facilities on Fort Hood that are required to complete this training. The training educates all military, contractor, and civilian personnel on good housekeeping techniques and activities that can help prevent storm water pollution in the industrial workplace. Some of the topics the training covers include standard operating procedures, regular maintenance and upkeep of work areas, and spill response procedures. To determine if your activity is a permitted industrial storm water site or to schedule a training event, please contact the DPW water quality specialist at 618-8888.

Structural Control Maintenance Program

Fort Hood has developed storm drain maintenance team program within the DPW maintenance division. The team inspects and assesses the structural storm water controls located throughout the cantonment areas of the Installation for sediment buildup, structural integrity, and the presence of illicit discharges. Maintenance activities are conducted along drainage inlets, ditches, and pipes and channels. The type of maintenance activities include removing floatables (i.e. grass clippings and trash), sediment, and other pollutants from storm drains and repairing structural damage and erosion of existing channels. To report an area in need of maintenance, please contact the storm water program at 287-9812.

Recycle Program

All military, contractor, and civilian personnel on Fort Hood are required to recycle under III Corps & Fort Hood Reg. 200-1 and 420-6. The recycle programs mission is to reduce the amount of materials sent to the landfill, generate funds through the sale of materials, and support environmental stewardship at Fort Hood. The recycle center recycles numerous materials such as but not limited to cardboard, metal, paper, plastics, and aluminum. For more information on the recycle program please contact the Fort Hood Recycle Center at 287-1606
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