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Steps to participating in the Deposit Waiver Program

  • Step One
    Locate a dwelling, complete a lease and check-in inspection (these must be signed by both the owner and the tenant). Click here for Off Post Rentals.
  • Step Two
    In-process with the Housing Office (Bldg 18010) providing them your off-post housing information. Inform the Housing Counselor which waivers you will need (normally, any utilities which will be billed to you). The Housing Counselor will provide you with waivers for the utilities or landlord requested.
  • Step Three
    The Housing Counselor will explain the process for turning on the utilities, and the requirements of the waiver program.
Rent Deposit Waivers will only be issued to those Soldiers authorized BAH. To receive this waiver you should tell the Housing Counselor during in-processing and provide a copy of the completed lease and inspection checklist to the Housing Office (These forms are not kept by the Housing Office, they will be returned to you).
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