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Family Housing Assignment Policies

  • When Soldier/spouse is contacted by RCI Private Partner that on-post housing is available for assignment, certain documents may be required:
    • Current LES
    • Special Power of Attorney
    • Cleared Rent Deposit Waiver (if you participated in the program)
    Additionally, the following options are available:
    • Make an appointment to sign for on-post housing.
    • Request to be put on administrative/lease hold if quarters cannot be accepted at that time.
    • Decline quarters and remove name from the waiting list.
  • When Soldier elects option to make an appointment to sign for on-post housing, procedures will be as follows:
    • Make an appointment with the RCI Private Partner to meet with a RCI Private Partner representative at the unit.
      • The representative will note any damages or deficiencies.
      • Soldier/spouse will either accept or decline quarters.
      • If Soldier/spouse decides to accept the unit, a housing agreement must be signed which initiates an allotment for rental payment for the amount of the Soldier's BAH.
      • Soldier/spouse will return to the perspective village, to pick up assignment orders. Effective date of orders will be the day quarters are signed for.
      • After receipt of assignment orders, Soldier/spouse may proceed to the Transportation Office (Building 18010) to arrange for delivery of household goods.
      • If the unit is not large enough to accommodate household goods, a request for non-temp storage may be submitted within 30 days of signing for on-post housing.
  • When Soldier/spouse is unable to accept on-post housing (TDY, leave, hospitalization) he/she may be placed on administrative hold, not to exceed 6 months. Soldiers under a lease obligation, may request to be put on lease hold status for up to 1 year with presentation of a valid lease. Soldier must notify RCI Private Partner when ready to occupy on-post housing. A spouse may sign for on-post housing in the absence of the Soldier with a Special Power of Attorney.
  • Soldiers with rental deposit waivers dated after 14 Nov 99 , must fulfill the lease term agreement before being assigned on-post housing.
  • Soldiers may voluntarily request removal from the waiting list at anytime. Should they later decide to reapply for on-post housing, eligibility date will be the date the new application is completed. Therefore, Soldiers are encouraged to remain on the waiting list until housing are offered.
  • Additional or specific questions may be answered by calling (254) 287-4212 or (254) 287-3704.
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