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Family Housing Maintenance

  • Your quarters (Liberty Village Occupants call Universal Services, 526-0596) are maintained by All-Star, with few exceptions. For repairs please call 532-3133. All-Star will inform you if your repair request is handled by others and who to call.
Urgent All-Star responds to emergencies within 30 minutes. Examples of emergencies include: Failed refrigerator, suspected gas leaks, sparks and smoke from electrical fixtures and outlets, locked non-keyed door locks, sewage spills, and loss of hot water.


  • All-Star responds to air-conditioning repairs within 24 hours, 7 days per week by appointment only.
  • All-Star responds to routine repairs within 3 working days after the day of the call.
  • You will be given a service order number when you request repairs. Repairs are received around the clock, 7 days per week. You will be given an appointment in 4 hour periods for morning, afternoon, or evenings for air-conditioning and routine repairs, or same day service can be requested, which means the repairman will respond that day between 0730 and 2000 hours.
  • All-Star also does scheduled maintenance on playgrounds, air-conditioning/heating units, and quarters exterior. They also change air filters, test for carbon monoxide, and clean sewers.
  • You must perform self help work.
    All-Star cannot perform this work. To help you with some of this work, tools and equipment for lawn maintenance and carpet cleaning is available at the Lawn and Garden Center, Bldg 4313-8. Please call 532-2175 for more information.
  • If you have any complaints about All-Star please call RCI Private Partner at 287-4212.
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