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Fort Hood Family Housing Village Offices

Comanche I & II 51739-2 Karankawa Street
Fort Hood, TX 76544
(254) 285-2243
Comanche III 53301 Drum Song Trail
Fort Hood, TX 76544
(254) 285-2244
Kouma & Montague 48810 Washington Street
Fort Hood, TX 76544
(254) 285-2245
McNair & Chaffee 6310 Tank Destroyer Blvd
Fort Hood, TX 76544
(254) 285-2241
Pershing & Venable 5647-2 Lockridge Loop
Fort Hood, TX 76544
(254) 285-2242
Wainwright, Walker, & Patton 6310 Tank Destroyer Blvd
Fort Hood, TX 76544
(254) 285-2251
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