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RCI Private Partner Move-Out Cleaning Guidelines

  • Wood Floors:
    Stain free/mopped (water only-no harsh cleaners)
  • Tile/Sheet Vinyl:
    Free of marks/stains
  • Carpet:
    Stain free/vacuumed
  • Patio Door/Storm Door:
    Clean inside and out/glass streak free to include metal frame/sweep out track
  • Cabinet/Closets/Shelves:
    Remove all shelf paper and tape. Must be thoroughly cleaned to include grease and dirt. Wipe down cabinet door
  • Mirrors:
    Clean thoroughly/streak free
  • Medicine Cabinets:
    Clean thoroughly/streak free
  • Curtain Rods/Blinds:
    In place/clean/free of dirt and dust
  • Light Fixtures:
    Clean/free of dirt and dust/bulbs working throughout house
  • Ceiling Fans/Bulbs:
    Clean/free of dirt and dust/bulbs working
  • Plumbing Fixtures:
    Clean/free of mildew/soap/hard water stains
  • Toilet:
    Clean/inside and out to include toilet seat, hinges and base
  • Shower/Bathtub/Vanity:
    Clean basin/free of mildew/soap residue/no adhesive remains
  • Wall Heaters:
    Free of dust and dirt
  • Trash/Furniture:
    Removed from interior. Bulk items removed from premises
  • Refrigerator:
    Clean (inside and out) door gaskets/interior free of mildew. Drain pan empty and cleaned. Clean door bar ends and door bars. Coils must be free of dirt and dust/clean top of refrigerator/clean under crisper
  • Range/Ovens/Cook Tops:
    Clean/free of dirt and grease. Clean oven racks/broiler pans/oven gaskets present and clean/clean drip pans and under cooktop
  • Dishwasher:
    No standing water/free of food/clean inside and out. Racks need to also be free of dirt/door gaskets clean and free of build-up
  • Air Vents:
    Free of dust/dirt
  • Trash/Recycle and Compost Containers:
    Must be empty and clean
  • Utility/Storage Area:
    Empty/swept inside and out to include storage area outside
  • Yard:
    Debris removed/clean/cut/edges/raked. If you own pets, yard must be free of feces/holes filled in/bare areas need to be tilled and leveled. RCI Private Partner will charge for seeding if necessary
  • Windows:
    Clean inside and out/wipe down windowsills/free of streaks. Wipe out tracks/screens must be on
  • Walls/Ceilings:
    Must be free of dirt and dust. Stains (crayons, grease, tobacco) that cannot be removed by resident may result in a charge for treatment. Clean all painted areas to include doors, cabinets, woodwork and baseboards. Wipe down outlet covers
  • Fuse Boxes:
    Wipe inside and out (dry cloth only)
  • Carport/Driveway:
    Free of oil stains, grease stains and and other markings
  • Garage/Sidewalks:
    Cleaned/free of cob webs/dirt.
  • Exterior of house:
    Check all bulbs/wipe down storage door/free of crayons/marks
  • A/C Closets/Hot Water Heater:
    Dust and wipe down/change air filter
*NOTE: Occupant assumes responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction of the property due to negligence, including those instances where the loss, damage, or destruction is related to an act of a member of his household or other individuals (AR 735-5).
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