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Procedures For Clearing Quarters

(IAW AR 210-50)

Occupants clearing on-post housing may clean their on-post housing or clear housing by pre-paying an approved cleaning team to clean the unit.
  • Occupants who elect to clean their own housing prior to clearance will:
    • Refer to RCI Private Partner Move-Out Cleaning Guidelines. If you reside in Liberty Village, you will need to refer to Liberty Village's Cleaning Guidelines. This guide is to be used in determining cleaning requirements.
      To schedule a clearing appointment for Liberty Village, you must go to the Housing Office, Building 18010, 2nd Floor, Wing B209.
    • Schedule an appointment with your perspective village office to arrange for an inspection at the quarters. It is recommended that an inspection be scheduled as soon as you have a confirmed household goods pickup date from Transportation. This is to allow sufficient time to correct noted deficiencies and schedule a re-inspection if quarters do not pass the initial inspection. Ideally, all work orders should be called in 30 days prior to termination. Please insure all work orders are complete, and all items are in place.
      The Inspector will not accept any open work orders. An open work order(s) does not preclude the service member from incurring charges considered "occupant damage".
    • The occupant will be at the quarters 15 minutes prior to the clearance appointment time.
    • When the housing inspector has accepted the quarters, the outgoing occupant will be instructed to proceed directly to the Lawn and Garden Center, Bldg 4210, and then to the perspective village office, to receive termination orders. Occupant will pay for quarters damage or for lost Government property at this time at their perspective village office.
  • Occupants who elect to pre-pay an authorized cleaning team to clean quarters after their departure will:
  • Once the occupant knows he or she will be moving (receives orders, retires, etc.), he or she should give written notice to RCI Private Partner as far in advance as possible. Transportation Orders (DD 1299), when applicable must accompany a written notice, before the RCI Private Partner office will accept it. All notices should be turned in to the occupant's community representative at their perspective village office.
  • Once the notice is received by RCI Private Partner, a community representative will set an appointment with the resident for a Pre-termination Inspection and a Termination Inspection. Whenever possible, the Pre-Termination Inspection will be within three business days of receipt of the notice to move. The Pre-termination Inspection is designed to pre-assess any damage or cleaning charges that may be incurred if not corrected prior to the Termination Inspection.
  • Residents clearing on-post housing have three cleaning options:
    • Residents may hire a contractor to clean the house prior to the Termination Inspection. A list of authorized cleaning teams will be provided at the housing office. All negotiations will strictly be between the resident and the cleaning team. Cleaning teams will be paid by money order or cashiers check ONLY.
      • From the authorized list, arrange for cleaning team to look at your quarters before quoting you a price.
      • Arrive at an agreement with the cleaning team as to the scope of work to be accomplished and complete all three copies of the contract form.
      • Place quarters in an orderly condition and broom sweep floors/vacuum carpet to allow proper inspection for damages.
      • The occupant and selected cleaning team will be at the quarters 15 minutes prior to the clearance appointment time. The occupant will:
        • Provide the housing inspector and the cleaning team each a copy of the signed contract.
        • Pay the cleaning team the amount of funds agreed upon by money order, cashier's check, or certified check. (No personal checks or cash.)
      • The housing inspector will verify accountability of all property, accept the quarters keys from the occupant, and assign key to the cleaning team. All other keys will be secured in a lock box on the interior side of the quarters door.
      • The inspector will direct the departing occupant to the Lawn and Garden Center, Bldg 4210, and then to the perspective village office, to obtain orders.
    • Residents can opt to have RCI Private Partner clean the house. The community representative will provide a total cleaning charge amount to the occupant during the Pre-termination Inspection. This amount must be paid in full at the RCI Private Partner Community Village Office, prior to the Termination Inspection. (Money orders, cashier's check or credit card).
    • Resident may clean the house himself/herself following the RCI Private Partner cleaning guidelines, cleaning charges may be assessed during the Termination Inspection if cleaning standards are not met.
  • Final Clearance. To ensure the departing occupant will receive termination orders and stamped clearance form, the following conditions must be met:
    • Prior to the Termination Inspection, all lawn and garden equipment must be returned to the Lawn and Garden Center, Building 4210, (Ph. # 532-2175). Residents must obtain a receipt showing all items are clear to show the Inspector at Termination. Lawn and Garden Center is closed on Monday, so if the Termination Inspection is on Monday, clear Tuesday - Saturday. (It is the sponsor's responsibility to ensure that borrowed items are not packed with household goods.)
    • Occupant must pay for any negligent damage to quarters or loss of Government property at their perspective village office.
  • Disagreements with the Inspector over cleanliness or damages to the house should be addressed to the Community Manager. The Housing Sergeant Major may address any disagreements that are not resolved to the satisfaction of the occupant.
  • The Effective Date of Termination will be the date the Termination Inspection is completed.
  • All trash/debris must be removed from the premise prior to the Termination Inspection. Service Member will be assessed a fee of $75.00 if trash/debris is not removed.
NOTE: If additional information on inspections is needed, call your perspective village manager's office.
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