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Applying for On Post Housing

The Military Home Link is available for soldiers to complete the On-Post Housing Application. Please click here to apply for on post housing. Once the application has been submitted and verified you will be contacted by a representative from Fort Hood Family Housing (254)287-4212.

Click here to apply for on post housing


  • Soldiers of all ranks with a family housing requirement may apply for on-post housing.
  • Spouses with a valid ID card and Power of Attorney (POA) may apply for on-post housing in the absence of sponsor as long as they provide all required documentation (see "What" below).
  • Soldiers that acquire family members after their arrival to Fort Hood are eligible to apply for on-post housing.
  • Single pregnant Soldiers are eligible to apply. A pregnancy statement containing the estimated date of confinement must be provided. Female Soldier Readiness Guide.
  • Click here for more information on Family Housing Assignment Policies.


The following documents are required for application for on-post housing:
  • DA Form 31, Application for Leave. (Applies to Army Soldiers only.) Not required if Soldier has been signed in to the installation for over 30 days.
  • PCS or MEPS orders assigning Soldier to Fort Hood. DD 4-1 (Enlistment Contract) for prior service reenlistee. (Not required if Soldier has been signed in to the installation over 30 days.
  • Marriage certificate (or DD 93).
  • Birth certificates for dependent children residing with sponsor (or DD 93).
  • Legal custody papers (when applicable, signed by Judge.)
  • Soldiers returning from a hardship unaccompanied tour need DA 2-1 (Enlisted), ORB (Officer) or DA 31 (applies to Army Soldiers only) from last permanent duty station prior to going overseas.
  • Pregnancy statement signed by physician (or profile w/due date) when applicable.


  • Soldiers must apply for on-post housing within 30 days of signing in to the installation to receive an eligibility date of "date departed last duty station".
  • Eligibility date for applications received after 30 days of signing in to the installation will be the "date of application".
  • Application may be made while on leave; however, Soldier must be signed in to Fort Hood to occupy on-post housing.
  • If the Soldier's status changes due to pregnancy, then a pregnancy statement containing the estimated date of confinement must be provided. The same is true for Soldiers wishing to increase their bedroom requirement due to pregnancy.
  • Applications are taken on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday 0730-1600.


  • Soldiers are placed on the waiting list for on-post housing based on their rank and bedroom requirement
  • Soldiers are responsible to keep the Housing Office informed of changes in eligibility status, unit, duty and home phone numbers, and off-post address as they occur.


  • Keep your information current by logging in here, visiting the housing office or by calling (254) 287-4212
  • If the Soldier�s records are not current (duty/home number, unit, family status) and RCI Private Partner is unable to locate Soldier ,the Soldier will be bypassed for on-post housing
  • The Soldier will be dropped from the waiting list 30 days after RCI Private Partner tried to locate them when quarters were available
  • Contact our office at (254) 287-4212 for more information
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