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Dog Walk Pets at Family Housing Quarters



The following rules apply to pet owners residing in Fort Hood family housing quarters. These rules are covered in the FH 210-48, Installation Housing Community Standards. These rules are established to protect the welfare of all residents and pets, and to maintain neat and sanitary conditions in the housing areas.
  • All dogs and cats at quarters must be registered with Installation Veterinary Services.
  • No more than three animals are authorized per family.
  • Report stray animals to the Military Police Desk Sergeant, 287-5019.
  • Pets must be provided a shelter and water if maintained out of doors. Pet houses may be placed in the backyard not more than 50 feet from the rear of the quarters and must be enclosed in a fence. The structure will be of sound construction, painted, neat in appearance, cleaned of waste daily, kept free of ticks, fleas and other parasites. Occupants are responsible to restore damaged lawns caused by pets, and the placement of pet houses, prior to clearing quarters.
  • Pet owners may take deceased pets to the sanitary landfill.
  • Pet owners are strongly encouraged to obtain insurance to cover pet damage or injury to persons.
  • Animal waste will be cleaned up daily.
  • Sanitary conditions must be continually maintained, both inside and outside the quarters.
  • Dog owners will immediately clean up animal waste when walking their dogs outside their yard.
Occupants may not do the following:
  • Maintain pets for sale
  • Tie animals to trees or stakes
  • Keep annoying, unpleasant, obnoxious, or vicious animals
  • Allow animals to run loose in the housing areas
  • Permit interference with service personnel, maintenance personnel, mail carriers, etc.
  • Allow pets to defecate/urinate in neighbors' yards or playgrounds
  • Leave pets unattended on balconies

Occupants may sell pets on a one-time basis, walk pets on leashes, and leave pets outdoors unattended in a fenced enclosure.

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