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Satellite Satellite Dishes at Family Housing Quarters



The installation of satellite dishes at family housing quarters is allowed; however, a request must be submitted and approved prior to installation. Guidelines have been developed in order to prevent damages to quarters which result in costly repairs. Occupants are responsible to comply with the following standards developed by the Housing Division.
  • Prior approval must be given by RCI Private Partner.
  • Satellite system must be installed in a manner that is not unsightly and does not damage the quarters.
  • Roofs will not be penetrated (satellite dishes will not be nailed into roofs).
  • Holes will not be made into steel siding.
  • Satellite dishes will be placed in backyards only (within the area the occupant mows).
  • Tree limbs will not be cut in efforts to obtain a better signal. Remember, our trees are precious.
  • Vendor/installer must obtain a digging permit from the Family Housing Maintenance Contractor, Bldg 4318, when digging or excavating is required.
  • Vendor/installer will use existing cable wiring from the junction box at the residence and will not change the location. When required to install a second parallel cable, it must be cosmetically acceptable, and the existing entrance hole on the quarters will be used. No additional holes will be made in the interior or exterior surfaces of the quarters.
  • Vendor or system owner is responsible for removing system and restoring grounds upon clearing quarters.
  • Occupants must remember they are ultimately financially responsible for damages to their quarters and grounds resulting from satellite dish installations. It is also the occupant's responsibility to ensure that private companies they hire to install the dishes comply with these standards. For these reasons, the best option for occupants is to mount the dish on a pole or tripod which is not attached in any way to the quarters.
If occupants have additional questions concerning installation of satellite dishes, they may contact their perspective village office.
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