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Before you sign a residential lease on the Fort Hood area:
1.  You do not have to waive your rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) in order to get a residential lease.

The SCRA is a federal law that specifically protects certain financial and contract rights of active duty servicemembers and, in some cases, their families. If you take the appropriate steps, the SCRA can protect you from lease termination fees, eviction, default judgments, and other financial problems. Some predatory rental agencies or landlords will try to get you to waive your SCRA rights in writing before you sign your lease.

Beware—waiving your Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) rights when signing a lease can result in higher rental fees and a time-consuming legal ordeal.
If you have questions or would like an attorney to review your lease contract or other documents before you sign, please contact the Legal Assistance Office (below).

2.  If you have to terminate your lease early due to military orders, you should NOT have to pay “administrative” or “additional” fees for the early termination.

One of the benefits of the SCRA is the ability to terminate your residential, business, agricultural, or professional lease without penalty if you enter active duty, receive orders for a permanent change of station (PCS), or deploy for at least 90 days. If you qualify and follow the steps below, you can end your lease early without paying penalties or fees.

3.  How to end your lease early and avoid penalties or administrative fees:

A. Find out if your situation qualifies for SCRA relief and determine the date on which you want the lease to end.

  • For monthly leases under the SCRA, termination of the lease will be effective 30 days after the next rent payment day, after you have delivered written notice and orders. For other leases, such as yearly leases, the termination date will be the last day of the month after the month that you deliver your notice and orders.
  • For non-SCRA leases, carefully read and follow the terms of your lease contract.

B.   An appropriate number of days in advance of your desired termination date, deliver the following two items to the lessor (the person or company you are renting from):

  1. Written notice of lease termination AND
  2. A copy of your military orders showing the PCS or deployment

C.   If you do not get your official orders in time to provide timely notice, you may be able to deliver a valid letter from your command instead, to avoid paying the extra month’s rent.

 D. Contact the Legal Assistance Office if you have any questions!


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