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Weather Watch, Potential for lightning is forecast to occur within 6 miles of the Fort Hood Reservation, Valid time 1500hrs until further notice


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Moving from post to post is difficult on a family even when everything goes according to plan. The stress on the family is only compounded if the children run into school issues that put them at an unfair disadvantage — or worse, prevent them from competing with their peers both academically and otherwise. Nothing can make a new post feel unfriendly than an unpleasant school experience for your children.

In the past each military family was on its own. The parents either worked out school issues with the administration or they were a constant source of family/ school discord. The scene has changed drastically since the founding of the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC). This organization, founded by retired military and concerned educators is leading the fight for a level playing field for all military connected students.

MCEC continues to make transitioning from post to post easier in the education realm. We encourage you to check out their website at, talk to your school district administration or call the School Liaison Office (288-7946) for more information.

Killeen Independent School District (KISD) operates all schools on post under Texas law.

Elementary Schools for Fort Hood children who live on post are:

  • Meadows Elementary, located on the corner of 27th St. & Tank Destroyer Blvd. Phone 501-1870.
  • West Ward Elementary, located on the corner of Dean & Hillcrest Ave. Phone 501-1830.
  • Clarke Elementary, located at 51600 Comanche Ave. Phone 501-1510.
  • Duncan Elementary, located on Hopi Rd. Phone 501-1620.
  • Montague Village Elementary, located at 84001 Clement Dr. Phone 501-2230.
  • Clear Creek Elementary, located at 4800 Washington Blvd. Phone 501-1550.
  • Ovetta Culp Hobby, 53210 Lost Moccasin Rd. Phone 200-6500.

Half-day pre-kindergarten classes are available in KISD. A child must be at least four years old on or before Sept. 1 of the school year to enter the half-day pre-kindergarten program. The child must be unable to speak the English language or be from a family whose income is at or below a certain level, according to federal guidelines.

A child entering kindergarten must be five years or older on Sept. 1 of the school year. Those entering first grade must be six years old the same date.

Middle Schools for Fort Hood children are:

  • Smith Middle School, located on Copperas Cove Road, 501-1050.
  • Fairway Middle School, located on Garth & Whitlow in Killeen, 501-1000.
  • Audie Murphy, 53393 Sun Dance Drive, 200-6530.

High Schools for Fort Hood children are:

  • Killeen High School, located 500 North 38th St.
  • Robert M. Shoemaker High School, located at 3302 Clear Creek Rd.

Bus service is provided for those students who live on West Fort Hood and who attend the middle school and high schools. Children who live off post attend school at campuses near where they live.

Parents needing specific information on school enrollment can contact the KISD Administration Office, located at 200 N. W.S. Young Drive in Killeen, 501-0034.

For information on Special Education services, contact the office located at 600 Williamson, 501-0284.

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