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Fort Hood, TX
Academic Resources. In our centers, computer programs assist individuals in career decisions, college choices, resume writing, Math and/or English improvement, financial aid resources, and many other areas. In-depth information about colleges and catalogues from over 7,000 colleges and universities is given on microfiche. You can even surf the internet in most of our locations.

Computers. Computers are available with a variety of word-processing and graphics programs for preparing college papers or other professional tasks. Internet access is available.

Correspondence Courses. Stop by your military reference center or MOS libraries, scattered around post in units. The Army Correspondence Program (ACCP) also allows Internet sign up if visiting a learning center is not convenient.

Instructor Assistance. Instruction is facilitated by tutors using video and audio cassettes, textbooks, and computer-assisted instruction. Our military reference center operators all have military experience and are knowledgeable about a wide variety of military related subjects.

Locations and Hours. We are located in Building 33009, room H206 with hours of operation are Mon-Wed, Fri 0800-1630, Thur 1000-1630

Military References. Military reference centers and MOS libraries support military training on an area basis, scattered around post in units. These resource centers act as the central source for materials needed to support individual and/or collective training. Army regulations, technical manuals., field manuals, and other references are stocked for use in the centers or for check out. As we move toward the Army's multi-use learning environment (MLE) concept, you will also find opportunities for independent study or for personal enrichment and professional development in support of academic disciplines at most of our centers.

Test Preparation. For those who want to earn college credits through CLEP or DSST testing a wide variety of materials are available for use in the centers or for check out through the Casey Memorial Library. Test preparation materials are also provided for SAT, ACT, GRE, AFCT, and other commonly administered exams.

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