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Certification: The other Path to Professional Development: Active Duty and Reserve Components have received extensive training(service, schools, correspondence courses, on-the-job training) which has proved valuable in developing your professional skills. Certification exams will allow you to demonstrate what you know and will help you establish your professional credentials.

Certification testing promotes association with civilian counterparts and provides an opportunity to both document your skills and to “translate” your military training into civilian terms; thereby making you more marketable in the civilian workplace.  Certification exam can be scheduled through Pearson Vue at All exams that requires a 3+ hour testing window may require pre-coordination with the Testing Center to ensure test candidates can register.

DANTES has approximately 60 agreements with nationally recognized certification associations.

DANTES test centers no longer offer the ASE (Automotive Service Examination).  Soldiers can use any National Test Center (go online to find the closest test center administering the ASE).

ASE - A credential that’s good for the long haul, visit for registration and scheduling and all policies and requirements.  Closest location for taking the ASE is Central Texas College Test Center, Bldg 111, 2nd Floor, room 233.  Call (254) 526-1661 for their Registration Procedures. 

Additional questions on certification testing, contact the Test Control Officer, (254) 287-7605-4292.

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