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Functional Academic Skills Training
also known as
Basic Skills Education Program

The commander's primary on-duty education program provides remediation in reading, mathematics, and test taking skills.

The Functional Academic Skills Training (FAST) is a four week or eight week on-duty program with open-entry/open-exit classes beginning each Monday. Soldiers may enroll in either AM (0900-1130) or PM (1230-1630) classes. FAST classes are closed on III Corps Training Holidays and Federal Holidays. The Program is designed to help Soldiers master the functional reading, writing, and mathematical skills required of their Army jobs.

The goals of the program are to:

þImprove performance in training and job proficiency.
þRaise GT scores for career advancement and reenlistment purposes.
þHone mathematical skills in preparation for BNCOC.
þIncrease potential for completing college, technical, vocational apprenticeship, and other high quality educational program.

For additional information, please contact the FAST Office at (254) 287-5553 or (254) 287-7605

Eligibility: Soldiers may enroll in FAST if they score below the 10th grade reading and/or math on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). If their GT score is below 100, they are also eligible. Commanders may recommend enrollment in FAST for Soldiers who do not meet re-enlistment requirements or who may benefit from an academic refresher. Soldiers who require GT >100 may also enroll.

Enrollment: Individual Soldiers may enroll through the Education Counseling Center. Because the Fort Hood FAST program is open entry, Soldiers may start class on any Monday. Soldiers who need remediation in both reading and math or a single subject are enrolled for 80 hours of instruction. The AFCT is scheduled for all Soldiers who successfully complete the course.

Unit classes: Unit classes can be organized to meet the unit’s needs.  Contact the FAST Program Manager for information or your unit education counselor representative.

 PETERSON’S Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) is interactive over-the-counter software used to help facilitate the BSEP program.  The tutorial includes Pre-Assessments; skill-based math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary lessons; Practice Sets and Post-Assessments. 

Additional Information:
Please contact the FAST Office at building 33009, Room D200, at (254) 287-4292 or (254) 287-7605, or email FAST Office.
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