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Leader Skills Enhancement for NCOs Management & Computer Skills Program

Education Services Division
Soldier Development Center
Building 33009, h236
761st Tank Battalion

Effective 31 December 2016, the NCO Leader Skills Enhancement Program will no longer be available.
We at the Fort Hood Education Services Division have been proud to have this partnership with Central Texas College
for 30+ years and we will all miss this program. Thank you.

Leader Skills Enhancement for NCOs is:
þ an on-duty program designed to assist NCOs to better perform their roles as supervisors, managers, and communicators.
þ a practical, "hands on" experience that deals with a variety of topics and situations.
þ taught in 16 to 20 - hour blocks of instruction with classes scheduled weekly in the Soldier Development Center or in units if instructional requirements are met.
Leader Skills Enhancement for NCOs classes receive:
þ one semester hour of transcripted college credit from Central Texas College when completed. These credits may be used to establish residency or to qualify for a military evaluation. One semester hour of college credit is also equal to 2 promotion point.
þ when the required number of courses are completed successfully. can receive a certificate in :
  • Supervision Management
  • Advanced Supervision Management or
  • Microcomputer Specialist
Course Information
Schedule & Descriptions
Management & Computer Courses November 2016
Management & Computer Courses December 2016
Leader Skills Courses Registration Requirements
  1. Active duty Soldiers, DoD Civilians and authorized ID card holders. DOD Contractors and DA Civilian personnel must bring a memo to the NCO Lead office, room H236, from their unit authorizing their attendance to register for a class. The memo may be in any format but should include organization's letterhead, individuals' name grade, SSAN, course title/date/time of class, and a brief statement explaining how the class will help improve their work performance. The memo is signed by the immediate supervisor.
  2. See an Education Services Division Counselor in the Soldier Development Center, H236, Building 33009, 761st Tank Battalion Ave, 285-5701, and receive a class registration form.
  3. Have the form signed by the Commanding Officer or Commanding Officer's Representative (E-7 or above). Active duty Soldiers E-7 or above may sign their own form.
  4. Return the form to the Leader Skills Office, room H236, in the Soldier Development Center and register for class. The form must contain original signatures.
  5. Attend class in Uniform regardless of duty status. This is an "On Duty" class.
  6. Management and Computer Skills courses receive (1) hour of college credit.
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