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Registration is now required for all classes!

Stop by the Soldier Development Center to register in person.

General Information

  1. Registration is required for all classes! Soldiers must stop by Bldg. 33009, the Soldier Development (SDC) to register for these courses. After registration if the Soldier shows up late for the first day of class he/she may lose their seat in the class. If a student misses 1 or more cumulative hours during the course he/she will be withdrawn and will not receive a grade for the course.
  2. Students enrolling in courses for college credit must have their original signature on the class paperwork.
  3. Classes are limited to Fort Hood active duty military and civilian employees (civilians are on a space available basis and may be asked to give their seat to a Soldier).
  4. Military personnel must be in duty uniform to attend classes, regardless of duty status.
  5. Military personnel in pay grade of E7 or above do not require a supervisors signature.
  6. DOD Contractor and DA Civilian personnel must bring a memo to the NCO Lead office, room H236, from their unit, authorizing their attendance to register for a class. The memo may be in any format but should include organization's letterhead, individual's name, grade SSAN course title/date/time of class, and a brief statement explaining how the class will help improve their work performance. For multiple classes, a separate memo will have to be turned in for each class. The memo is usually signed by the immediate supervisor and after being approved by the Leader Skills Program Manager, the approval is still based on available seats at time the class begins.
  7. All courses are worth 1 semester hour of college credit.
  8. Point of contact: NCO LEAD, 532-1505.
Recommended Course Sequence
  1. Anyone unfamiliar with the Windows Operating System or who wishes a refresher course should take Introduction to Computers (MTMC 1173). Word Processing Applications (MTMC 1172) is the next recommend course. Word Processing is the most commonly used software application in the world and military.
  2. Any of the remaining courses will build upon the foundation established with these basic courses. All the Advanced courses build on the basic applications course. While not required, the basic course in each is highly recommended before taking the advanced course.
Classes labeled as Beginner Classes are designed for students who have no experience with the software. Central Texas College now offers college credit (1-semester hour) for all of the computer skills courses annotated with (COLLEGE CREDIT). This will only be provided for those courses taken after January 1, 2003.
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