INSTALLATION STATUS: Weather Watch, valid 27 JUN 2017 from 1400 until further notice. Potential for lightning is forecast to occur within 5 miles of the Fort Hood Reservation.

Weather Watch, valid 27 JUN 2017 from 1400 until further notice. Potential for lightning is forecast to occur within 5 miles of the Fort Hood Reservation.


Western District of Texas

U.S. District (Magistrate) Court Office

MG Williams Judicial Center
Bldg. 5794, Tank Destroyer Blvd.
P. O. Box 5507
Fort Hood, Texas 76544-0507
Located near the East Gate two blocks
east of the Club Hood complex

Operations Clerk:

Traffic citations on Fort Hood
POC: Connie Trumbo
Phone: 254-669-6183
Fax: 254-287-3487
Hours: 0800-1400

DES - U.S. Magistrate Court Security Office:

Questions concerning security-related issues at the Courthouse:
Phone: 254-287-5683
Fax: 254-287-3487
Hours: 0800-1600

Federal Prosecution Office:

Patrick Robinson , CPT
Chief Special Assistant U.S. Attorney
CJ Spulveda, Paralegal

Fort Hood VETS Court Information:

Fort Hood Warrant List:

Fort Hood Regulation 190-5  Fort Hood Traffic Code revised as of 11 OCT 2013

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What information do I need if I receive a ticket on Fort Hood?
Answer: Payment instructions are on the back side of the ticket; or, you may contest the violation by appearing on your scheduled court date. For specific information contact the Operations Clerk at Building #5794 or call 254-669-6183.

Question: How do I pay the fine?
Answer: You may pay online at or call 1-800-827-2982 ext. 0.

Question: How long do I have to pay a citation?
Answer: If you do not pay the ticket within 21 days, you will be scheduled for a future court date. You have until that court date to pay the ticket or appear personally in Court to contest your ticket. If you have not received a written notice for a Court date, call the clerk (254-669-6183) approximately six weeks after the date you received your ticket.

Question: Where do I get information if my ticket also affects driving privileges on Fort Hood?
Answer: Contact Police Administration (Room 103, MP station, 58th and Battalion) within ten days. Those violations may include, but are not limited to, failure to maintain financial responsibility (no insurance); driving while license invalid/suspended/revoked or expired vehicle registration. Certain violations require an administrative hearing which must be scheduled within ten days of receiving the ticket.

Question: What should I do if my traffic citation/misdemeanor is in warrant status?
Answer: Contact the CVB clerk immediately at 254-669-6183 (traffic tickets) or misdemeanors (DWIs, et al)
at 254-750-1504.

Question: What if I am arrested for a DWI or other misdemeanor offense on Fort Hood and need information on court dates and procedures?
Answer: Contact Magistrate Courtroom Deputy Emily Lewis McElreath at or 254-750-1504.

Question: What if I have lost my driving privileges on Fort Hood?
Answer: You can make an appointment for restricted driving privileges at: C221, III Corps Headquarters, Bldg. 1001, telephone: (254) 287-3655 or (254) 287-7404 or the website: and select Administrative and Civil Law Division.