INSTALLATION STATUS: Open Weather Watch 09-002 (Valid 02 SEP 14 1600L to 1900L) Potential for Lightning is forecast to occur within 5 nm. of the Fort Hood Reservation.

Weather Watch 09-002 (Valid 02 SEP 14 1600L to 1900L) Potential for Lightning is forecast to occur within 5 nm. of the Fort Hood Reservation.


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The Personal Property Shipping Office is also located in the Copeland Soldier Services Building. The Counseling Team arranges with commercial contractors for the movement/ storage of household goods, for Do-it-Yourself (DITY) moves, and counsels personnel on shipping entitlements. Outbound shipments can be checked on by phone at: 254-287-2200. View their webpage at:

The Counseling Team also makes arrangements for the delivery of household goods to your residence in the Fort Hood area. Immediately upon arrival at Fort Hood, you should advise the inbound office of an initial contact telephone number, duty assignment, and any other information that would be helpful upon the arrival of the expected personal property.

Inbound Personal Property shipments can be checked on by phone at: 254-288-9832. When personal property arrives, the Transportation Office will advise when delivery can be scheduled. The owner or his authorized agent must be present at the time the delivery is made to sign for the property when it is unloaded and unpacked.

The Quality Assurance Team monitors preparation, movement and delivery of personal property by the carrier or contractor. If you have any questions or complaints regarding the contractor/carrier service or loss and/or damage of your property, call: 254-287-6152. For assistance in filing claims on the  site or for loss and/or damage, contact the Claims Section, Staff Judge Advocate at: 254-287-2299/2599/2899

A Vehicle Processing Center is located in Lewisville, Texas, for movement of Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) worldwide. The center offers service and convenience for POV turn in and pick up to Department of Defense personnel departing for or returning from overseas assignments.

Moving soon? New system easy, efficient, saves government money

In the past year, big changes have been implemented in order to improve the management and movement of household goods and other personal property. The Department of Defense, via the U.S. Transportation Command and Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, has launched the Defense Personal Property System to conveniently and efficiently facilitate the management of moving household goods and personal property. DPS intends to automate the many steps involved in military moves such as: pre-move counseling, scheduling, tracking, invoicing and claims-filing. In addition to convenience, DPS has already shown initial cost savings and that's great for the military which spends about $2 billion a year for more than 550,000 household moves. Full Story

Important Numbers:

Section Phone Fax
Outbound 254-287-2200 254-287-5608
Inbound 254-288-9832 254-287-5122
Storage 254-287-4515 254-288-2682

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