Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phantom Express?


Phantom Express is the new Access Control Point (ACP) automated access control system on Fort Hood.

Why register in the Phantom Express system?


Registering in the Phantom Express system will expedite your entry onto Fort Hood. Eventually, all gates at Fort Hood are expected to be automated. Only persons who register in the Phantom Express system are permitted to use the automated lanes.

Who can register in the Phantom Express system?


Individuals who posses an Active Duty Military ID card, Active Duty Military CAC card, Spouses of Active Duty, Retired Armed Forces personnel, Spouses of Retired Armed Forces, DOD/DA Civilians CAC ID card. Registration is a first come, first serve, appointments are not required.

Where can I register in the Phantom Express?


Enrollment is in building 69005 which is on T.J. Mills co-located with the Marvin Leath Visitor Welcome Center. The Phantom Express hours of Operations is 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. An enrollment representative can be contacted at 553-1104.

What happens at registration?


You will be required to bring your DoD issued ID card, drivers license, vehicle registration and valid insurance card. You will also be required to write down the DoD Decal number and expiration year and month and bring that with you.

 You will be required to fill out a form that contains the information about yourself and your vehicle. You must sign the privacy disclosure statement on the form. Your DoD ID card will be looked up in a database for verification, as will your vehicle. A registrar will enter the data into a database and take your fingerprints and a photograph.

Save time and click here to view and print the registration form. Fill it out and bring it with you when you register.

Remember to Bring -

  • DoD Id Card
  • Drivers License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Insurance Card
  • DoD Decal Number and expiration date

What do I do when I get to the gate?


The driver must then stop at the equipment pedestal (gooseneck) and present an ID card for identification.

Present the barcode on the DoD ID card, to the reader at the bottom of the gooseneck. You hold the card so that the bar code on the back is facing up and away from you.


Why do I need a PIN Number?


Your PIN number will only be required during a simulated or actual elevated threat condition at Fort Hood. The system will prompt you for the PIN when this situation exists using the display on the gooseneck. The PIN will be required in conjunction with your ID card.


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