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Protecting Fort Hood starts with you. If you see or hear anything suspicious, call 288-COPS (2677). Think....Protect...OPSEC!


Transportation Corps Branch Insignia

We get a lot of questions concerning the movement process. To better understand this process we've provided a list of frequently asked questions with their answers.

1. Can I make an appointment over the phone to move my Household Goods (HHG's) via Government or Personal Procured Move (PPM)?

Government: No. You cannot make an appointment telephonic. You must access the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) and use our automated system to input your application. First time DPS users must obtain an Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) login Identification (ID) and password before accessing DPS. To obtain an ETA login ID and password, go to   Once you have accessed, click on "New to - First Time Users Click Here!"  Follow the instructions. After obtaining a user ID and password, select "Login to DPS". You may also email the DPS login instructions to the customer. You can go online to register for a user name and password and self-counsel. (This takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to get a user name or password). Once you register you can login to the system and following the instructions for self-counseling. Once you complete the self-counseling you must do the following if you want the government to move your property:

  1. Create your application in DPS.
  2. You must print and sign the DD Forms 1299 and 1797 and any other required documents.
  3. If you have a scanner at home you must scan and upload your signed DD Forms 1299, 1797, and orders into the DPS system. You must also bring a copy of your signed 1299, 1797 and orders to the front office.
  4. If you don't have a scanner at home you must print and sign the DD Forms 1299, 1797 and bring these documents to our office front desk along with a copy of your orders.

Personally Procured Move (PPM) (Old DITY): No. You will need to come into our office at The Copeland Soldier Service Center Bldg. 18010 Rm. A104, with a copy of your orders to make an appointment to attend the PPM briefing to complete your packet for the PPM move. Those briefings are held on Monday and Wednesday mornings RM A111 at 09:00. Our office is located in the Copeland Soldiers Service Center, Bldg. 18010 RM A104, our hours of operation are from 09:00 - 11:45 hours and 13:00 - 15:30 hours Monday - Friday, except for Federal Holidays and Training Holidays.

2. Do I need my Orders or Clearing Papers to attend a Personal Property or Briefing?

For the Personal Property Briefing: You do not need orders or clearing papers to attend the Personal Property Briefing.

The Personal Property Briefing is mandatory for Retiree, Separatees, and First Time Moves.

PPM/(DITY): Monday - Thursday 0900; NOTE: Mandatory requirement for PPM.

Separation/ETS/Retirement: Mondays & Wednesdays 1300; NOTE: Mandatory for final moves.

PCS & First Time Move: Tuesdays & Thursdays 1300; NOTE: Mandatory for all first time moves; refresher brief for PCS moves.

For DITY: You Must have orders.

3. Can I move my House Hold Goods without attending or viewing a Personal Property or DITY Briefing?

NO. You cannot move your HHG without receiving/attending a personal property or PPM briefing, or completing the self-counseling processing through/in DPS prior to the movement of your household goods. PPM briefings are mandatory.

4. When can I get my personal property picked-up?

You may ship personal property at any time after you receive your official orders/authorization (e.g., PCS, Separation or Retirement). Normally, 2 weeks from the time you turn in your paperwork and orders to the Transportation Office. It is recommended that you turn your paper in 30 Days prior to your desired move dates.

5. What time can I expect the carrier to pick up my House Hold Goods (HHG)?

The Carrier will not begin pickup or delivery at the customer's residence before 0800 hours or after 1700 hours without prior approval of the PPSO and the customer. You or Your Representative (18 yrs or older designated as your releasing agent on your DD Form 1299 or by Power of Attorney) must be available at the residence during the entire period until they arrive/leave.
NOTE: If you or your Representative is not available for a NTS shipment an attempted pick up charge can be assessed at the Service Members or Civilian's expense and could cause a 3-5 (working) day delay of movement of your HHG's.

6. Can I ship to a destination other than what is authorized on my orders?

Yes, however shipping to an other than authorized destination could result in excess cost which is an Out Of Pocket Expense to the service member or civilian. Your counselor will advise you of the possible cost.

7. Will the Government move my boat?

Yes, Boats under/equal to or less than 14 FT X 6' 10" X 6' 5" with/without trailers can/may be moved with/or without the HHG shipment. (IAW DTR Chap 412, A, 2). Within CONUS for military, for civilian personnel transfer phone call to a supervisor or counselor.

Boats or personal watercraft which exceed 14 feet in length, but 18 feet or less in length will be shipped using the OTO program or personally procured transportation. This may require making a second shipment, which could cause excess cost to the Service member or Civilian employee. Recommend doing a PPM/DITY Move for boats in excess of 14 FT with trailers.

8. Can I ship a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) stateside?

No, unless it meets the criteria below:
IAW JTR 5322 A. b. (1) An eligible member ordered on a PCS between CONUS PDSs: (1) Is physically unable to drive (a dependent's inability to drive does not satisfy this criteria).