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Engagement Skills Trainer (EST)
Building 22041 Sabot Drive
Room 103

The Engagement Skills Trainer provides realistic marksmanship and combat scenario training for 12 of the most common small arms and crew -served weapons and individual anti-tank weapons in the Army inventory.

Has the feel, weight, recoil, fit and sounds of the actual weapon

Multilane individual marksmanship training from zero to qualification

Multilane individual and collective gunnery training for static dismounted individual/squad/team/element levels:

  • Infantry
  • Scout
  • Engineer
  • Military Police
  • Combat Support
  • Combat Service Support

Realistic Shoot-Don’t Shoot Scenarios

  • Urban Combat
  • Guard/Security

Computer generates targets, terrain and weapons effects in a real-time three-dimensional display that also includes OPFOR weapons and sounds.

The EST 2000 provides the capability to build and sustain marksmanship skills for squad and team fire distribution. It also contains control and judgmental use of force training with computer-generated imagery. The system also provides immediate feedback of hit/kill/miss for each firer that permits leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of their unit.

The system supports:

  • M16A2 Rifle
  • M4 Carbine
  • M9 Pistol
  • M249
  • M240B Machine Gun
  • M2 .50 caliber Machine Gun
  • MK19 Grenade Machine Gun
  • M203 Grenade Launcher
  • M136 Anti-Tank Weapon
  • M1200 Shotgun

Technical Specifications:
Device No. DVC 07-129, FM 3-22.9, TD-07-6910-702-10

  • Marksmanship-203 scenarios
  • Tactical collective training-181 scenarios
  • Judgmental shoot/don't shoot-127 scenarios
  • Configuration: 5-Man Lanes / 10-Man Lanes / 15-Man Lanes

Scheduling for use is handled through the TSC Firedesk on the Fort Hood RFMSS.

To schedule instructor operator training please contact the Simulators Lead at 287-3374.