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HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT)
254-287-3374 or 254-288-6662

The HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer is designed to train Soldiers on the effects of rollover and conduct drills that will provide the skill and ability to react properly during and/or emergency egress situations. Soldiers should receive proper preparation and training to survive an inverted event. The HEAT, linked with substantive training, may reduce/prevent rollover injuries and fatalities. The device will reinforce the importance of seat positioning, wearing seatbelts, demonstrate the feeling of being disoriented, and the actual effort that is required to execute rollover and emergency egress procedures. The trainer will allow individuals and crews to rehearse and physically execute the necessary steps required to survive a vehicle rollover. Conducting the training under controlled conditions will allow vehicle occupants to gain experience in the proper egress procedures. This training is necessary for Soldiers to achieve self-control and overcome the natural fear and panic following the catastrophic event which led to the vehicle rollover event.

  • Trainers are given eight hours of training
  • Units can conduct classroom portion prior to arrival at simulator to maximize system training time

Scheduling for use is handled through the TSC Firedesk on the Fort Hood RFMSS.

To schedule instructor operator training please contact the Simulators Lead at 287-3374 or 254-288-6662.