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Improved Moving Target Simulator (IMTS)
Building 19030
53rd Street

The Improved Moving Target Simulator (IMTS) provides the Soldier with a realistic environment in which to train. The IMTS teaches team and unit training tactics in a wartime environment. In the dome of the IMTS, Soldiers can fire simulated missiles for a fraction of the cost of real missiles while using the exact weapon during training as they would on the battlefield. Defending gunners can see, hear and feel a real battle with as many as three enemy aircraft overhead. Each enemy aircraft has its own infrared signature and countermeasures.

There are eight different background selections each with four different environmental conditions available. Clouds can be projected at will and targets can be jet, rotary wing or propeller aircraft. Realistic friend or foe responses are included and computer generated analysis of each target engagement, including time tagged printouts provide positive gunner tactics reinforcement.

Key Benefits:

Air Defense Training in use of Stinger Missile

  • Computer Driven
  • Moving Targets on Hemispherical Screen
  • Realistic Battlefield Environment

Available to all ADA units

  • Individual/Crew Training

Security Clearance: Confidential

Units requiring scheduling of the MTS need to contact the MTS Maintenance Technician at 287-3374. A minimum of a CONFIDENTIAL clearance is required along with a Security Access Roster verified by your Battalion S2.

Scheduling for use is handled through the TSC firedesk on the Fort Hood RFMSS.

To schedule instructor operator training please contact the Simulators Lead at 287-3374, in Building 19031.