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Property Book
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Here are some simple steps and guidelines that will keep your TSC account up to par! What is a TSC Account? Answer: A TSC account establishes property accountability. This, in turn, authorizes release of products and services for your battalion. Here are some simple rules:

  • Only ONE account per battalion or direct reporting company. The Battalion Commander or direct reporting Company Commander assigns the account holder. "G" level staff sections or tenant units/agencies may have a separate account with an account holder assigned by a MAJ or higher (or civilian equivalent).
  • Two sets of DA Form 1687s are required. One set is required to draw MILES equipment from our warehouse. Another set is required to loan individual training aids. The signature card is valid for ONE year. If an account is more than one year old, we will notify your battalion account holder.
  • Up to eight authorized signatures per company level unit (two- DA Forms 1687s) for the MILES draw and for the draw of training aids from our warehouse.
  • The above guide also applies to Army Reserve or Guard units within the Fort Hood AR 5-9 Area of Responsibility (AOR). Reserve and Guard units that train at Fort Hood should establish a temporary account if their home station is outside of the AOR. The temporary account is valid during their activation orders.

Documentation Steps:

  • Complete a memo to the TSC Chief.
  • Complete DA Form 1687, Delegation of Authority.
  • Bring the signed documents to Building 22041, Room 103 or call 254-287-2669 for details in the processing the DA Form 1687.

Change/Renew an account:

  • Conduct joint 100% inventory of all TSC equipment on hand receipt at change of account holder.
  • Submit new DA form 1687 at change of account holder or authorized persons on the account.
  • Discrepancies reported on relief documents and updated DA Form 2062 is signed.

Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent accounts occur when units fail to meet the required return date on temporary loan items.

  • You cannot borrow any additional equipment from any warehouse w/o special authorization (see frozen account below).
  • Another unit is deprived of equipment that they have reserved for training.

An expired account occurs when more than one year has passed since the account was updated. An expired account is also a frozen account. A frozen account occurs when:

  • A unit has failed to properly account for TSC loan products or…
  • When the account is delinquent or …
  • When their account is expired.

In order to unfreeze an account:

  • Property accountability documents must be completed or in progress.
  • Loaned TSC equipment must be returned.
  • A new DA Form 1687 must be completed.

Only the Installation Property Administrator can make exceptions to the above conditions.

Update/Close An Account:

Accounts are automatically closed if:

  • They are expired for more than one year or...
  • Are no longer required or...
  • Upon unit inactivation.

To update a closed or expired account:

Complete a memo to the TSC Chief.

All loaned TSC equipment and property accountability documents must be turned-in to the TSC Property Administrator.

Property Accountability

Property Accountability is important. Damage/Loss of loaned TSC equipment can also cause the account to be in jeopardy. Following these rules will keep your account in the clear.

  • The battalion account holder is responsible for the entire account. This means that he/she must initiate the FLIPL (Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss), if required.
  • Damage/Loss of TSC equipment requiring a Commander's Statement (TSC DAMAGE LOSS MEMO) must be signed by the company level commander and reviewed by the Battalion Commander. Refer to AR 735-5 or contact our property administrator at 287-2669 for details.
  • If you have sensitive items on permanent loan (Conversion kits and AT-4s), a monthly inventory is required per AR 710-2-1.
  • If you have TSC equipment on permanent loan, your account must be renewed annually.