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Training Aids and Device Loan Warehouse
Building 230
Battalion Avenue

The Training Aids and Device Loan Warehouse provides a wide selection of equipment for short term loan. A complete listing of Training Aids and Devices can be found in the TSC Digital Catalog.

Key Training Aids and Devices:

First Aid Training Aids

  • IV Arms
  • Resuscitation Annies
  • Moulage Kits
  • MARK-1 Kits / Diazepam Injectors
  • Rescue Randy

Primary Marksmanship Instruction (PMI) Training Aids

  • Rifle Rest
  • Target Paddle
  • Riddle Device
  • M16 Sighting Device
  • LMTS - Laser Marksmanship Training System
  • MACS

Opposing Forces (OPFOR)

  • Islamic Dress
  • Shirts
  • Weapons (In Limited Quantities)
    • AK-47
    • Sniper Rifle
    • RPG-7
    • 9mm Pistol
    • UZI
    • PKM Machine Gun
    • Grail

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

  • IED Training Kits
  • Iraq Mine Kits

Mine Kits (U.S. Mines) TIED Kit

  • Suicide Bomber Vest
  • Locally Produced TIEDs

Tank Rounds

  • 120mm
  • HEAT
  • MPAT
  • M102B Canister

AT4 Trainers and Subcaliber

Plastic M16s

Other Training Aids

  • Coffins and Flags
  • Small Noise Simulator
  • Static Displays
  • Artillery Simulator
  • Vehicle ID Kit
  • Grenade ID Kit
  • Sweep Monitoring System
  • EOF Dismounted Operation Module
  • Claymore Mines
  • M270 Chatering Kit

Short Term Equipment/Device Loan (less than 30 days). Requests for Issue or Turn-In, can be submitted to TSC Building #230. Units outside of Fort Hood may fax a completed FH Form 7021 to 287-5040 at least two working days prior to actual date required. Turn-in will be made using customer's receipt copy. For additional information or questions regarding long term loans call 287-4593/3619.