Visitor Center Picture

Fort Hood's Marvin Leath Visitors Center
is adjacent to the Main Gate, just off of U.S. Hwy. 190 on T.J Mills Blvd.

Fort Hood and the City of Killeen honors the memory of James Marvin Leath and the lasting impact his public service had on Soldiers, Fort Hood and our Nation.

Fort Hood No Longer requires vehicle registration for DoD ID card holders.

Effective 1 September 2015 the following procedures will be in effect for access to Fort Hood:

DOD Civilians, active military, military dependents, retired, retiree dependents and contractors with DOD ID cards may enter the installation by displaying their DOD issued ID card to the guard personal at the Access Control Points entering the installation. If you do not have your government ID card in your possession you must go to the Marvin Leath Visitor Welcome center to get an installation access pass/badge.

Spouses of DOD Civilians who do not have an authorized DOD ID are authorized to obtain installation pass.

Entry Requirements for person without a Valid DOD ID Card requesting unescorted access:

  • A valid purpose for entering the installation; (Attend Meeting, visit Museum, Job interview, etc.)
  • Valid driver's license
  • Current vehicle registration (If operating a vehicle)
  • Proof of current insurance (If operating a vehicle)
  • License plate number
  • Provide the destination, name of facility, building number, street address, or unit name/designation

Upon satisfying the above criteria and vetting requirements an Installation access pass/badge will be issued to the person.

NOTE: All unescorted visitors and all vehicle passengers (riding in these vehicles) will proceed to the Visitors Welcome Center (VWC) and receive a security screening. All vehicle occupant names will be included on an Installation Visitors Pass. Security personnel will verify all occupants ID with names on visitor passes at Installation Access Control Points (IACP) prior to providing installation access.

All DOD ID Card holders (after presenting their DOD ID to security personnel) will be allowed to escort non DOD ID card holders (e.g. visiting family members and other visiting non DOD affiliated personnel). A driver's license (or other non DOD ID card) cannot be used as proof of DOD affiliation for personnel conducting escorts. Minors in possession of a DOD ID card will be authorized to escort adults not is possession of a DOD ID card (e.g. care providers) Escorts must remain with guests for the entire duration of the visit.

Bldg. 69012
24 hours a day
7 days a week

Bldg 69005
0800-1600, M-F, Closed Federal Holiday and TNG Holiday

For more information, call the Marvin Leath Visitor's Center at: 254-287-9909

On post vehicle registration: Fort Hood no longer requires vehicle registration or the display of a DOD vehicle registration decal for installation access. DOD ID card holders must present a valid Government ID for installation access (Active Duty/Reserve, Dependents, Retiree/Retiree Dependents, DOD Civilian CAC and Contractor CAC cards).

Non-CAC (Non-DOD ID) Contractors requiring unescorted installation access.

  • Provide a cover letter by Contract Officer Representative (COR) or by the Prime Contractor on Letterhead. Letter should contain the contract number, start and end date of contract. The cover letter needs to be signed by the COR or Prime Contractor.
  • Along with the cover letter submit a list of employees, Full name, DOB, Driver's License or State Identification Number to include State of issue and last 4 of SSAN.

Requirements for Businesses or Company Vehicles (Taxies/Food Delivery etc.)

Bring all the below listed information to the Visitors Center and you can pick up the passes in 72 hours.

Submit a cover letter on company/business letterhead identifying the business, identify the owner/management submitting the cover letter to include contact information and the reason access is requested. The letter should include a statement of understanding that if an employee of the business or company leaves employment of that business the owner/management will make every effort to retrieve the employees access pass/badge, return it to the Visitor center and will notify the visitor center that the employee no longer works for the organization.

  • Attached a list to the cover letter of the employees requiring access (Full names, DOB, SSN and driver's license number.)

Non-DOD affiliated Visitors/Guests requesting Unescorted Access:

Entry Requirements for person without a Valid DOD or US Government issued CAC ID Card requesting unescorted access:

  • A valid purpose for entering the installation
  • Valid driver's license
  • Current vehicle registration (If operating a vehicle)
  • Proof of current insurance (If operating a vehicle)
  • Destination, name of facility, building number, street address, or unit name

Note: Upon satisfying the above criteria and vetting requirements an Installation access pass/badge will be issued to the person. Every Non-DOD person 18 years of age or older entering the installation must have an installation access pass/badge. A valid reason for gaining access to the installation must be provided and will be used to determine the length of time access pass or badge is issued.

Weapons/Firearms Registration:

Weapons/Firearms registration, Fort Hood Regulation 190-11 Weapons, All firearms entering Fort Hood must be registered with the DES. All military personnel, government employees, and all civilians, including Family Members, who store, possess, or use a weapon on Fort Hood. Firearms may be registered at the Visitor Welcome Center, Bldg 69012 or at the DES Police Desk Bldg 23020. Do not bring the firearm to either location to register. Weapons are prohibited in these facilities except for Law Enforcement personnel performing their duties. To view FH Regulation 190-11Weapons you can go to the following link:

To register your firearm(s) go to the following link and download pdf.doc FH form 190-19. Follow the directions and complete the form and bring the form to either location to complete the registration process.

The following is from the Commanding Generals Policy Letter concerning firearms:

All personnel bringing a Privately Owned Firearm (POF) on Fort Hood must enter through an Access Control Point (ACP), declare that they are bringing a POF on post and state the reason they are doing so to ACP personnel. Personnel must also declare possession of firearms to officials upon being directed to an ACP inspection area, being stopped by law enforcement officials, or for any other checkpoint or inspection operation.


Marvin Leath Photo

J.M. Leath (May 6, 1931 – Dec. 8, 2000) was a U.S. Representative from Texas. Born in Henderson, Texas, Leath attended the Rusk County public schools. He graduated from Henderson High School in 1949 and attended Kilgore Junior College, earning his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Texas, Austin in 1954.

Leath served in the Army from 1954 to 1956. He then coached football and track at Henderson High School from 1957 to 1959. He worked as a business salesman in 1959 and transitioned to the banking business in 1962. Leath subsequently became an officer and director at five Texas banks and two manufacturing companies.

From 1972 to 1974, Leath served as special assistant to U.S. Representative W.R. Poage. Leath was elected as a Democrat to the 96th from the Texas 11th Congressional District and to the five succeeding Congresses (1979-1991). He was not a candidate for re-nomination in 1990. While in Congress he served on the House Budget and Armed Services Committees.

Leath died on Dec. 8, 2000 in Arlington, Va.

Texas Driver's License
A Non-Resident active duty soldier and their family members stationed in Texas who hold a valid state driver's license from another state are not required to obtain a Texas Driver's license. A Resident active duty soldier and their family members stationed in Texas must obtain a Texas Driver's License. Soldiers and family members can obtain their driver's licenses and get their vehicles registered at the Bell County Annex at 301 and 302 Priest Dr. in Killeen. Three forms of identification are needed for a Texas driver's license or Texas identification card. Active duty military will only need their military identification card. In Copperas Cove, the facility is in the Coryell County Annex at 201 S. Second St. The Texas DPS also offers driver's license renewal and Texas Driver's License services inside the building 69012, MLVC.

State Registration
The owner must bring current proof of the out of state registration, if applicable; the lien holder's name and address; proof of insurance; and the "green slip," or valid Texas inspection slip. Regardless of status of home of record, the state requires vehicles to have Texas minimum liability insurance. Please contact the Bell County Vehicle Registration Office at 254-618-4180 for guidelines regarding insurance, tax rates and fees. Texas charges a 6.25% motor vehicle sales tax on the purchase price of the vehicle titled in Texas and owned by Texas residents.

Regardless of status or home of record, the state requires vehicles to have Texas minimum liability insurance of $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage. Drivers have 30 days after moving to Texas to change their vehicle insurance coverage.

Seat belts are required at all times while driving on post; infant car seats are required; minimum amount of liability insurance is required; parking of motor vehicles is authorized only in those areas/spaces designated for parking. Speed limit on Fort Hood is 30 mph unless otherwise posted.