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The Fort Hood Force Protection Branch’s primary purpose is to safeguard personnel, property, and resources during normal operations. It is also designed: to deter a terrorist threat; to enhance security and AT/FP awareness; and to assign AT/FP responsibilities for all installation units and Directorates. DODD 2000.12 states that it is “DOD policy to protect DOD personnel and their families, facilities, and other materiel resources from terrorist acts.” In meeting this goal, Fort Hood meets the following four objectives:

a. Deter terrorist incidents: Fort Hood commanders and Directorates will dissuade terrorists from targeting, planning against, or attacking Fort Hood assets by communicating US intent and resolve to defeat terrorism.

b. Employ countermeasures: Fort Hood commanders and Directorates will employ the appropriate mix of countermeasures, both active and passive, to prevent terrorists from attacking Fort Hood assets.

c. Mitigate the effects of a terrorist incident: Fort Hood commanders and Directorates will employ the full range of active and passive measures to lessen the impact of terrorist events against Fort Hood assets.

d. Recover from a terrorist incident: Fort Hood commanders and Directorates will design plans to recover from the effects of a terrorist incident.

Current Force Protection Posture:   FPCON BRAVO

No Specific Threats: There are no indications of specific threats to the US Homeland, US Army, or Fort Hood, however the threat from homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) in the United States is undeniable.

An informed, vigilant and engaged public remains one of our greatest assets to identify potential terrorists and prevent attacks.

Force Protection Team

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Contact Force Protection
 Office Location: Bldg 1001 Tank Battalion Road,
Fort Hood, TX 76544 ,
2nd Floor, Room W205
Telephone: 254-286-5376 - DSN: 286-5376-2032

AKO users can access the Installation Force Protection Folder, once authorization is granted, at this address: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/portal/index/jsp

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