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Mission Training Complex

This branch provides the training enablers at Hub and Spoke locations for commanders to conduct individual, leader and collective Mission (digital) training in a live-virtual-constructive (LVC) integrated environment.  This branch is comprised of the following:

Mission Training Complex POC Listing

Director, Mission Training Complex 254-288-6715
Training Teams Chief, Collective Training 254-287-5878
Warrior Skills Training Center 254-287-4906
Close Combat Tactical Trainer 254-288-5026
Mission Staff Tactical Training 254-285-6197
Chief, Individual Training 254-288-1446
Support Teams Chief, Plans and Integration 254-288-2915
Chief, Logistics Team 254-287-3913
MTC Facilities Scheduler 254-287-5878
Conference 254-288-2909
Technical Manager 254-288-9164
Exercise Integrator 254-287-4015
Modeling and SIMS IAM 254-285-6872
Modeling and SIMS Security Manager 254-288-2336
Scenario Development Team 254-288-3233
Network Operations Section 254-288-7191
CBT, Lead 254-288-3728
Facilities Manager 254-285-6867
Security Manager 254-287-6798
AR/FA57 254-286-6218

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