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The Official Home Page of the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security

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Mobilization Division

DPTMS Mobilization Officer

COL Juan Howie

COL Juan Howie
Tel# (254) 288-9677

Mobilization Functions

To develop and execute the Fort Hood mobilization plan; assist MACOMS in the programming of Fort Hood mobilization/demobilization throughput; Commander of the Hood Brigade coordinating all aspects of garrison and outside agency support to mobilization; manage daily operations of the North Fort Hood Mobilization Training Center; plan, coordinate and execute future development of North Fort Hood Mobilization Training Center; coordinate life support systems in support of mobilization and demobilization operations: provide all support other than training to Reserve/Active Component units and other government agencies; assist supported commands in validating units for deployments. The division consists of the following:

North Fort Hood Branch

Hood Brigade

Plans Branch

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