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Range Operations

Schedule, manage, and control the use of Fort Hood Ranges and Training Areas, in accordance with Army regulation 385-63, Range Safety, and Fort Hood Regulation 350-40, Range Operations.

Range Operations POC Listing

Position Phone
Installation Range Officer 254-287-2541
Secretary 254-287-5519
Range Plans and Maintenance 254-287-8307
Range Operations Officer 254-553-1943
Range Operations Front Desk 254-287-8203
Range Safety 254-287-8397
Range Scheduling 254-287-1616/7836/8395
Range Contract Officer Representative 254-287-4136
Range ITAM 254-287-8707/1818
Range Emergency Live Fire Desk 254-287-3130/3321

Users can access current information such as range scheduling, ITAM and range scheduling at this address: https://srp.army.mil Also a Range and Weapons Safety Toolbox is available to users at: https://safety.army.mil/rangeweaponssafety

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