Publications Management

Administrative Services Division provides distribution of accountable forms, blank forms, and certificates to publication account holders. The stockroom also provides account holders with assistance in establishing and managing pin-point publication accounts in accordance with AR 25-30, and
DA Pam 25-40 .

Fort Hood Publications begin at the following link:

III Corps, Fort Hood and Garrison Publications

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To establish a publications account, call 254-286-5137, or visit us in Building 285 on 761st Tank Battalion Avenue.

Establishing a new account:

You must have a valid publications account to receive publications from the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) and forms from the publications stockroom. Opening a new account is easy: simply take the Publications Course for all Active Duty and/or DA Civilians and submit the required documentation:

DA Form 12*

DA Form 1687

FH Form 25-20

*See instructions to complete DA Form 12.

See example of complete packet to complete account paperwork

You must have duty appointment orders for all personnel assigned to the account (memorandum) and a Certificate of Training for the publications course, scheduled through the Fort Hood Troop Schools. Your account may be established without the certificate of training; however, the certificate must be received within 90 days of the account being established. To enroll, submit the completed packet through ASD, Publications Office, Bldg 285, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue, Fort Hood, TX 76548-5000 for processing.

**NOTE: Adding your e-mail address: The current DA Form 12 does not provide a specific block for your e-mail address, so add this online after the account is activated. If you would like to include your e-mail address in order to be notified when your new account number is assigned, or when it is processed, please write your valid official e-mail address in "Block 7b" of the DA Form 12.

Account activated: A customer service representative from the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) and/or an ASD publications staff member will notify you when your account has been established, through an e-mail (if you provided an e-mail address.) Once activated, you can logon the APD home page at, select the "Order/Subscriptions" tab at the top center and log-in to the "point and click ordering system" with your new account number and zip code.

Updating packets: Information submitted on DA Form 12-R is important to get the best support from APD. Ensure information about your account is current and account identification data such as your UIC, DODAAC, and address is correct. Update the information on your account when there is a change in any of the following:
  • Type of service (Block 7a)
  • Unit description data (Blocks 8a through 8g)
  • Publications officer (Blocks 9a through 9c)
  • Classification level (Blocks 19 through 11c)
  • Change of address (Blocks 12a and 12b)
  • Deployment: to ensure the assigned personnel to the Rear Detachment will be able to obtain forms and publications.
Active Account: To keep your account current, submit an updated DA Form 1687 and FH Form 25-20 to the Publication Office when required. If new personnel are added or deleted to your account, submit appointment orders and/or revocation orders along with an updated DA Form 1687 as soon as possible.

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