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Copeland Soldiers Service Center

What to Do When Arriving to Fort Hood

Reporting In: All Soldiers reporting to Fort Hood will report directly to the Copeland Soldier Service Center (CSSC) in Building 18010. Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions about your pending arrival, contact the Information Desk of the CSSC at (254) 287-3832 or DSN: 737-3832. The Front Desk is staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You may also contact the Staff Duty for the Reception Detachment at (254) 287-4549 or DSN: 737-4549.

**PRIVATELY OWNED WEAPONS (POW)**: If you are in possession of a POW, you MUST stop at the Fort Hood Visitor Center, Bldg 69012 prior to entering the Installation to register your firearm/s. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Items to Have Ready for CSSC Desk:
  • Copy of your orders and all amendments
  • DA 31 (Request and Authority for Leave)
  • Military Personnel File
  • Medical and Dental Records
***All Soldiers, regardless of unit of assignment, in the grades of PVT (E1) to LTC (O5) will report to the CSSC, sign-in at the Front Desk and receive an Installation In-processing Checklist. (Inprocessing Packet)

***Soldiers who are non-Divisional, e.g., Darnall Army Medical Hospital (MEDDAC), Dental Command (DENTAC) and Operational Test Command (OTC), will proceed to your respective unit (with your orders bringing you to Fort Hood.)

How to Find Your Way to the Copeland Soldiers Service Center (CSSC): Once on Fort Hood thru the Main Gate (Bernie Beck Gate) and Checkpoint, drive North on TJ Mills Blvd and continue straight through four (4) traffic lights, to the corner of Battalion Avenue and TJ Mills Blvd. The CSSC will be located immediately on your left. Park in the adjoining parking lot and proceed to the front of the building through the double doors to the Front Desk located in the lobby.

Airport Arrivals: If you arrive in the area via the Killeen Airport, ground transportation is available to Fort Hood for newly-arriving Soldiers. All others will be by "space available." If you need assistance at the airport, contact the Liaison NCO located in the baggage claim area.

**Note: There is no ground transportation available if you fly into the Austin or Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Uniforms:: The year round duty uniform for most Soldiers at Fort Hood is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). When reporting during duty hours you may do so in the ACU, Class A or Class B uniforms. After duty hours, you may report in civilian clothing.

**Note: After duty hours consist of the following: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday after 1700; Thursday after 1500.

In-Processing Procedures

In Processing: Once signed-in at CSSC, you will be directed to the Reception Detachment Staff Duty [Staff Duty] (Bldg 16008) where you will be given further information about the in-processing schedule.

BLDG 16008
Reception Detachment Staff Duty (Building 16008) (254) 287-4549 or DSN: 737-4549

Single Soldiers in the rank of SGT (E5) and below, and are NOT receiving BAQ, will be billeted in transient quarters [transient quarters] for sleeping accommodations.  MARRIED Soldiers arriving with families must arrive with enough funding to pay for hotel accommodations initially until Finance In-processing can be completed. There are no FREE on-post transient quarters for families on Fort Hood.

You will also be given another packet which contains: Commander's Policy Letter, CG's Motorcycle Policy Letter, DA Form 4986 (Personal Property Record,) DA Form 2062 (Hand Receipt) for your room and linen, and DA Form 362 (Statement of Charges.) (Appendix B)

Items to Have Ready to Submit to Reception Staff Duty are:

  • Copy of all orders and amendments with CSSC stamp [pic]
  • Valid DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) showing you are were signed-in by CSSC personnel

***During in-processing, Soldiers in the rank of Private (E1) through Major (O4) will follow the schedule of mandatory events. Actual in-processing lasts approximately four (4) working days.

BLDG 16011 BLDG 16011 BLDG 16011 BLDG 16011 BLDG 16011

Schedule of Events

    Day One:
    • Finance: Conducted in Bldg 16011. Soldiers will receive an in-brief while assigned to the Fort Hood Replacement Detachment. Assistance will be provided in the preparation of all travel entitlement documents to include DLA and BHA if entitled. Do-It- Yourself (DITY) move support will also be provided. Ensure you have adequate copies of orders and amendments, your leave form and any receipts you are submitting. Pay entitlements will be direct deposited into your bank account. A local pay file will be created for each Soldier and forwarded to the Finance Office who will provide your support. The Finance Office is located in the CSSC, Room A209. The Finance Customer Service phone number is (254)288-1277 or DSN: 738-1277.
    • XO/S3 Course: All Sergeants Major and non-Branch-Qualified Majors will attend this course. It is located in Bldg 33009, Room G106.
    • 1SG/CDRS Course: All SFC(P) and CPTs with pre-positioned Command and First Sergeant assignments will attend this course. It is located in Bldg 33009, Room G106.

    Day Two
    • Housing: This office will provide a list of available off-post housing. Soldiers can apply for on-post housing, and in-process through Housing, prior to in-processing the installation either by calling (254)287-4212 or DSN: 737-4212. Soldiers may also apply on-line at The Housing Office is located in the CSSC in Room B209 on the second floor and can be reached by calling (254) 287-4212 or DSN 737-4212.
    • Army Community Services: Provides welcome packets, information on counseling, the ACS Loan Closet and Citizenship requirements for Family Members. Hours of operation are 0730 to 1630 Monday thru Friday. ACS is located in Bldg 121, across from the Main Food Court, located on 761st Tank Destroyer Avenue. For information please call (254) 287-4471 or DSN: 737-4471.
    • Safety Class: Soldiers 26 years old and younger are to attend this class.

    Day Three
    • Personnel: In accordance with regulation, all Soldiers are required to update their DD Form 93 (Emergency Notification Data) and the SGLI (Servicemembers Group Life Insurance) upon in-processing. Please ensure you have complete and correct addresses for all individuals to include those you list as beneficiaries. At this time your ID Card (CAC) will be checked and if a new one is required, you will be directed to the appropriate location for a re-issuance.
    • Medical: All records are screened. Soldiers will be directed to the following stations: Lab, Hearing, Immunizations, Vision, and Self-Care. If immunizations are required, they will be administered and any Lab work will be conducted at this time. A Self-Care class is given and Soldiers will be provided a Self-Care Card which entitles them to receive Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications monthly. After processing, your records are sent to the individual's servicing Troop Medical Clinic (TMC).
    • Dental: Records will be screened. New exams will be provided if records indicate the last exam is older than six (6) months, or records are missing. After processing, your records are sent to the individual's servicing Dental Clinic. If dental problems were noted during the exam, you will be required to contact your servicing Dental Clinic to schedule a follow-on appointment.

    Day Four
    • First Termers Brief: All inbound SPC (E4) and below will attend this briefing.
    • Transportation:  Once you have settled into your unit or have obtained housing, you must notify the Transportation Office. Household goods and/or Hold baggage will be delivered by appointment only and you will need a copy of your inventory sheet completed by the carrier at your last duty location. The Transportation Office is located in the CSSC on the first floor and can be reached by calling (254)287-2200 or DSN 737-2200. Use Option #1 for Inbound, Option #2 for Non-Temp Storage, or Option #3 for Outbound.
    Additional In-Processing Requirements:
    ALL SSG (E6) and below will conduct Physical Training (PT) [Physical Training(PT)] while in-processing through the Reception Detachment. SFC (E7) and Abovewill conduct Physical Training on their own.
    Wednesdays: Every Wednesday at 1100, all in-processing personnel will attend the Sexual Assault Training located at the Phantom Warrior Center (PWC), Bldg 194, located at 37th Street and 761st Tank Battalion Avenue. At 1500, the III Corps CG and CSM Brief and Social will also be held at the PWC. At this event, all in-processing Soldiers and their Families will have the opportunity to be welcomed by the III Corps CG and CSM. Unit representatives will also be available for Soldiers to get an opportunity to inquire about their gaining units. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend this event. Free food and drinks follow at the social.

    A "Family Hood Happening" Bus Tour is also provided for Soldiers and their spouses. Soldiers are highly encouraged to bring along Family members. The purpose of this bus tour is to allow Families to familiarize themselves to the various resources and amenities that Fort Hood has to offer.

    • Buses will depart the parking lot of 42nd Street and Tank Battalion Aveneu behind Bldg 16011.
    • Hours of operation are 0930 Monday - Friday. Bus tour is usually about an hour and a half, usually returning on or about 1100.

    BLDG 16011 BLDG 16011 BLDG 16011
    Reception Detachment Staff Duty (Building 16011)
    (254) 288-7114 or DSN: 738-7114