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New Material Authorization Procedure

Air Quality Program Fort Hood is required to track the material used here. To obtain a material, you must get it through the HazMart or the Standard Army Supply System. It is not authorized to purchase coatings, solvents, thinners, or any other material from off Post and bring it to Fort Hood for Army use. You may purchase material off post for home personal use however. If you need to use a new material that you are not currently authorized to use, you must let Fort Hood’s Hazardous Material Management Program (HMMP) evaluate the material before using it. The HMMP was established to provide Army-wide standard centralized hazardous material and hazardous waste management and tracking. The purpose is to reduce and prevent Army-wide pollution by controlling and reducing the acquisition, use, handling and disposition of hazardous material and generation of hazardous wastes (HW). The program is an integral part of the Army Environmental Management System (EMS) and is consistent with Sustainability objectives. For help getting a new material approved, contact the Hazardous Material Inventory Team at (254) 288-5262. You will need to fill out the HazMat Authorization Request form to get the process started. To read more details about the material authorization process, click here.

Do you have new equipment you want to install?

Stop SignDon’t do it before contacting us. If there is a new process or new facility you would like to install that may have potential air emissions, contact us before installing it. We will need to evaluate your project for any permits, registrations, or other issues before the project starts. Contact the Air Program Manager at 254-287-8714 or the Air Quality Specialist at 254-288-5284.
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