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Classification Unit

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Centralized Operation

Classification Unit Recycle Due to the volume of used product the Classification Unit (CU)
is a centrally located, multi-functional operation that
coordinates the management of used product and waste.

The CU establishes waste management programs to address disposition of used products through disposal, recycle and reuse.  The program encourages evaluating and establishing methodologies that support Pollution Prevention (P2) through waste minimization.


Management Activities Include:

  • Acceptances, evaluation, determination, classification of used products/waste for disposal, recycle and/or re-use
  • Accumulation, storage, inventory, repackaging, marking, and labeling of waste and recyclables according to disposition contract
  • Coordination for final disposition, manifest tracking, documentation, reporting
  • Financial tracking and reporting for resource reimbursement

CU Programs

  • Turn-in Guidance (go to Procedure)
  • House Hold Hazardous Material Collection Center (go to Procedure)
  • Battery Program (go to Procedure)
  • Freon Issue/Recovery (go to Procedure)
  • Container Shredder/Bail Program (go to Procedure)
  • Aerosol Can Crusher and Recovery System (go to Procedure)
  • Silver Recovery (go to Procedure)
  • Electronic Collection
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