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Environmental Compliance Assessment Team (ECAT)

Provide Environmental Advisory Services to include environmental management, pollution prevention, environmental compliance, and information technology.  Support to the Fort Hood Environmental Division includes audits and training of the Fort Hood Environmental Management System (EMS), Pollution Prevention Program Support, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) program support, Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) management and data validation.

Services and Responsibilities Environmental Compliance Assessment Team
  • Environmental Training
  • Formal, Semi-annual Assessments/Audits
  • Follow-up Assessments (in response to Reply By Endorsements (RBI))
  • Courtesy Assessments (upon customer request)
  • Routine Drive-Throughs (documented, random compliance checks)
  • Assistance Visits
  • Commanders In-briefs
  • Deployment/Re-deployment briefs
    (in support of deployments and Rear-detachments)
New unit commanders, activity managers should contact ECAT for an in-brief to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities. ECAT is a resource available to all Fort Hood personnel to assist with ensuring environmental compliance of the activity and the installation as a whole. Maximizing the services provided by ECAT is strongly encouraged.

All units and activities are assessed/audited twice annually. Failure to contact or coordinate assistance from ECAT will not deter or delay this formal process.

For questions or to schedule assistance, please contact the ECAT member associated with your activity (as listed below). If unsure of the assigned ECAT member, please contact one of the "after duty" numbers listed below.

  • 287-9103 - ECAT Team Leader, Garrison / Tenants, DPW, DOL, AAFES, DeCA, Firestone, TSI, DFACs
  • 287-9604 - 1CD, 7/158 AVN, FHFH
  • 288-5264 - 1st Army (DIV West), 13 ESC, 69 ADA, 3 CR, 36 ENG, 89 MP, 48 CM, 1 MED, ECS 64, MATES, Ranges, Contractors
  • 287-9105 - 3ASOG, 15 MI, RTS-M, 504 BfSB, 57 ESB, 62 ESB, 206 MI, 306 MI, 21 CAV, 85 CA, III Corps, 407 AfSB, OTC, KATMAI(TSC), TMP, DFMWR, GDC4S
For assistance after duty hours, contact the ECAT Team Leader at (254)535-8551
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