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Energy Management

Introduction: The Energy Team is responsible for a wide range of tasks relating to the installation's utility systems, it's reimbursable customers, local Army consumers, and the Department of the Army. These talks include:
  • Participate in the utility privatization studies
  • Perform life cycle analyses
  • Specify metering requirements and operate the automated meter reading system
  • Perform specialized energy use surveys
  • Manage the 287-SAVE hotline
  • Evaluate unsolicited proposals
  • Evaluate suggestions on saving energy
  • Train new Energy Conservation Officers (EOCs)
  • Update FH Reg 420-9, Energy Conservation Program
  • Maintain energy conservation policy letters
  • Provide energy awareness training
  • Track energy consumption and meet goals mandated by EO 13123
  • Maintain energy consumption (RADDS)
  • Program FM System to maximize conservation

Fort Hood Thermostat Inspections

The Energy Team will collect building thermostat readings and conduct random inspections. A report of thermostat readings will be generated and provided to the GC quarterly. Click on the below link to access the Fort Hood Thermostat Inspection Form. Save the form to your desktop for your records, complete your inspections and email completed form to
    Click here to access the Thermostat Inspection Form.
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