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GI Drain.jpgMCM-3 Illicit Discharge, Detection, and Elimination



Fort Hood’s Illicit Discharge, Detection, and Elimination program is designed to prevent illicit discharges from entering the MS4. An Illicit Discharge is defined “as any discharge to an MS4 that is not composed entirely of storm water”, with a few exceptions. The exceptions include discharges from permitted industrial sources or the discharges listed in the general permit. For a list of allowable discharges click here.

Discharges from MS4’s often include wastes and wastewater discharges from non-storm water sources. These illicit discharges enter the MS4 through either direct or indirect connections. The result is untreated discharges that contribute to high levels of pollutants, including heavy metals, toxics, oil and grease, solvents, nutrients, viruses, and bacteria to receiving waters. Pollutant levels from these discharges significantly degrade receiving water quality and threaten aquatic, wildlife, and human health. A few of the sources of illicit discharges can be found below:
  • Sanitary wastewater
  • Effluent from septic tanks
  • Car wash wastewaters
  • Improper oil disposal
  • Radiator flushing
  • Laundry wastewaters
  • Spills from roadway accidents
  • Improper disposal of auto and household toxics

Installation Waste Disposal & Cleanup Programs

Household Hazardous Waste Turn In Facility
Fort Hood currently operates a household hazardous waste turn-in facility that accepts hazardous materials from Fort Hood residents, employees and family members. The facility accepts hazardous materials including but not limited to paints, detergents and cleaners, pesticides and herbicides, batteries, aerosol cans, and other household wastes. These materials can be turned in to the collection center located on the corner of 37th and North Ave, Building #1348, Monday through Friday from 07:30 to 16:30. For more information on the household hazardous turn in facility please contact the collection center at 288-7627.
Used Fluids Collection
Fort Hood operates a bioremediation facility (Bio Site) on post the recycles used petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) products as well as antifreeze. The Bio Site uses vacuum trucks to capture used products from UPRPs and oil-water separators. The Classification Unit (CU) also accepts used products from the Fort Hood community. Any person holding a DOD identification card can drop off used products such as motor oil and cooking oil at the CU between 07:30 and 16:30. For information on recycling used products, please contact the Bio Site at 286-5993 or the CU at 288-7627.

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