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American College Testing Assessment Program (ACT)

The ACT Assessment test is an admissions requirement at some colleges. The instrument consists of a battery of four academic tests that measure academic development in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. The optional ACT Plus writing test is not available at DANTES test sites. If a college or program requires a writing assessment, it is recommended taking the ACT Plus Writing test at a National Test Center on a national test date (unfunded). The ACT provides scores on the four tests. Calculators are permitted but not required. DANTES funds one administration at a DANTES Test Center for eligible military Service Members, on either the ACT Assessment or the SAT I. For additional information, see your Education Counselors.

English Test: Punctuation, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Strategy, Organization, Style, Rhetorical Skills
Test Time: 45 minutes

Mathematics Test:Practical quantitative problems, Quantitative reasoning
Test Time: 60 minutes

Reading Test: Referring to what is explicitly stated, reasoning to determine implicit meaning, Drawing conclusions, comparisons, and generalizations
Test Time: 35 minutes

Science Test: Measures interpretation; analysis; evaluation; reasoning; and problem-solving skills. NOTE: The content of the Science test is drawn from biology, chemistry, physics, and the earth/space sciences (e.g., geology, astronomy, and meteorology). The test emphasizes scientific content, skill in mathematics, and reading ability.
Test time: 35 minutes

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See your Education Counselor for Test dates and times.
For additional information on the ACT, call or visit Building 33009
Education Center Counselor, 254-287-4824 or
Test Control Office (Testing), 254-287-4292
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