Fort Hood, Texas

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4th Infantry Division to Train at Fort Hood

Editor’s note: Before 4th ID came to Fort Hood permenantly they came for training. This article ran in the Tracks and Half Tracks, April 5, 1951.

450 tankers from the 4th Infantry Division are firing here this week and the first part of next week on the gas car range.

The men came here to fire because Fort Benning, Ga., where the 4th is stationed doesn’t have facilities for the type of firing the men must do.

They are firing at moving panel targets at a range of 800 yards. They are using equipment from the 2nd Armored Division. The first increment of tankers from the 4th arrived here last Sunday and left yesterday. The second group to fire on gas car range arrived here yesterday and will depart this Saturday.

The third and last group is due here Saturday and will return to Fort Benning Tuesday.

The men are from the 4th Infantry Division’s 40th Tank Bne. and the 3 regimental tank companies.

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