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Camp-Wide Basketball Tourney Planned

Editor’s Note: Though times were tough during Camp Hood’s beginnings, Sports still had its place. This article, which ran in the Dec. 10, 1942 Edition of the Hood Panther, shows the path of a planned basketball tournament.

League formed with 32 teams from camp units Finals planned on Dec. 31 will name camp champions

A camp-wide basketball tournament involving 32 teams representing various units of Camp Hood will start play Monday night in the sports arena, Lt. J.R. Varnell; post Athletic Officer, announced this week following formation of the league.

Games will be played three nights each week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the arena. Six games will be played each night during the week. The tournament will continue for three weeks with colored troops conducting a separate tournament.

Finals during which the championship basketball teams for Camp Hood will be held December 31. Following this post athletic officials hope top match camp championship team with the championship team from another camp.

Teams entered and the units they represent are AUTC 14 teams, TDC five teams, RTC three teams tr. Bns. eight teams, service command, one team and station hospital, one team. All games are scheduled to start in the arena at 7:30 p.m. and athletic officials have urged that men of various units turn out to support their teams.

Two games will be played on the arena court at one time. Bleacher seats will be provided for the spectators. Admission to the contest is free.

League opens in 744th Bn

With basketball heading the list, sports in the 744th Tank Battalion surged into the limelight this week, when preparations started for the coming post league play.

Under the direction of Lt. J.H.Taylor, special service officer, tankers crawled out of their cast iron buggies for a whirl at the hardwood. Swapping coveralls for short trunks and undershirts, approximately 25 men reported for practice.

Still fishing blindly for the ablest of performers, Lt. Aylor, Saturday had sorted out a preferred few as likely starters.

In forward positions he Sgt. J. Jowers of Headquarters Company, Sgt. Marshall Smith, of C Company at the center post huge P.B. Gore a private of headquarters company was the favored one.

Guard positions were being held by Lopez of Headquarters Co. and Becknell of service. While the basketball section was being probed, other sport found their fare share of attention. Boxing preparations were stared.

Lt. Aylor had begun a talent search for likely battlers. The goal of the search is a team to represent the battalion in post competition. Facing the problem of no known talent on hand the Lt. Has the task of filling the trunks and mitts that represent his sole claim to a boxing team to date.

Extensive plans are underway for competition within the battalion, company teams meeting in regularly scheduled events. Included will be leagues for basketball talent, boxers ping pong experts, volleyball starlets and soccer stars.

On the sports schedule

Friday: Boxing, three round bouts, Sports Arena, 7:30 p.m.

Monday: Dec 14 Basketball Tournament, Sports Arena 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Basketball Tournament Sports Arena 7:30 p.m.

Thursday: Basketball tournament, Sports Arena 7:30 p.m.

Friday: Boxing three round bouts 7:30 p.m.

Monday: (Dec. 21) Basketball tournament, Sports Arena 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Basketball tournament, Sports Arena, 7:30 p.m.

Ninth company OCS wins Field meet on Friday

The Ninth Company, OCS Regiment, TD School, won the Thanksgiving Day field meet held in that regiment with a total of 19 points. Eighth Co. was second with nine points in the event in which 12 companies participated.

Candidate George Mitchell starred for the winners, taking the 100 yard dash easily and annexing the 440 yard as well.

The OCS presented four full teams on its football squad in the game against the Student Regt., but lost to the visitors 6-0. Eleven men, with only one substitutuion for the Student Regt. played the entire game.

A pass to the goal line by Pvt. Kermath Ward paved the way to the lone tally.  Pvts. Appell, Ward, Nolan and Nicolleti starred for the Student Regt.

RTC's athletic program varied

A varied athletic activity program including touch football, volleyball, soccer, wheelbarrow races, tug-of-war and shuttle relay races is held each Friday afternoon in the Tank Destroyer Replacement Training Center. Capt. Howard Van Dyke, officer in charge, has announced.

Round robin, inter-company contests are held in each of the events. At the end of the training period, champions will be declared in each battalion in each of the sports. Winners will be determined as a percentage basis.

Representatives of units form post athletic council

Formation of an Athletic Council to assist Lt. J.R. Varnell, post athletic officer, was announced this week. Lt. Varnell said that all athletic programs for the various units in camp would be conducted through that unit's representative on council.

Plans were discussed at the first meeting of the council this week for an increased camp-wide programs of varied athletic activities.

Members of the council and the organizations they represent are as follows: Lt. Wilson T. Betts, AUTC; Capt. David Gorman, TDS; Lt. William W. Wells, Training Brig.; Capt. S. Howard Van Kyke, RTC; Lt. John C. Paulus, Station Hospital; Lt. Homer O. Hoffman, Station Command.

Boxing matches held on Fridays in sports arena

First of a series of three-round boxing matches to be held each Friday night at 7:30 in the Sports Arena was presented Nov. 27. A second was held Dec. 4.

Interest in the series is growing and a shipment of new gloves, punching bags and other equipment is expected to draw a large number of contestants. Lt. J.R. Varnall, Post Athletic Officer said this week.

Enlisted men interested in participating have been urged to contact the officer in charge athletics in their organization.

Anyone wishing to attend may do so. Admission is free.

Company title is claimed by platoon team

Football team of the Second Platoon, Seventh Co., OCS, claims the company championship following a 7-0 defeat of the Third Platoon recently, on Regimental Field.

Candidate Blankenship hurled the touchdown pass to Candidate Peterson, and Candidate Kikes converted the extra point.

Third Platoon members blamed their defeat on the warm weather, however, and have challenged the victors to a rematch anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Basketball Team

The 827th TD Battalion basketball team, colored, announced through its manager First Sgt. Joe Oliver, Co. A, that it is anxious to schedule games with other units in camp.

The team, which claims the title of one of the toughest in Camp Hood, is paced by Staff Sgt. Frank Early, Co. A, and Forest Lynch, Reconnaissance Co.

Officer finds men of AUTC sports-minded

Auto, with its various TD group headquarters and battalions in training, will be counted among the front rank of sports-minded organizations in Camp Hood, according to 1st Lt. Wilson T. Betts, AUTC Recreation Officer, who has been holding a series of conferences with the battalion recreation officers in which the athletic program has been considered from every single.

Different units throughout AUTC have started training their prospects for the boxing tournament, and some first-class entries will soon be in the ring at the Field House. Some of the battalions are planning to have battalion bouts, with elimination bouts between companies to select the battalion champion.

Basketball courts are going up in the area, and teams are working out in preparation for the basketball tournament. Horseshoe courts are making their appearance over the area, and in some of the company buildings the sound of punching bags can be heard. Two AUTC battalions have been concentration on football until recently, and have played some games, in the camp and with teams away from Camp Hood.

With the recent issue of additional athletic equipment, and the requisitions going in for still more, interest is on the increase and the coming weeks will see much activity in sports throughout the AUTC areas.

Student regt. officers for bowling league

Officers of the Student Regiment, TD School, have formed a bowling league. Col. George B. Beatty is serving as president, Major W.L. Kuchne, treasurer, and Lt. H.A. Propster, secretary.

Opening night competition was stimulated by the presentation of a pair of "pink" trousers to the man with the highest game on each team.

Sports Slants

Pvt. Alan Rose, assistant athletic director of the Student Regiment, TDS, has turned out a basketball squad which has openend the season with three victories and no defeats, and seems headed for the TDS championship. Members of the squad are Privates Eadie (Capt.). Carreon, Ward, Pinello, Nolan, Bluejacket, Hartman, McGuire, and Gracyk. Monday night, Nov. 30, they defeated the 659th Bn. 50-20.

Pvt. Edward L. Uhren, who came to Camp Hood from Illinois, has taken to the obstacle course like a duck to water. Pve. Uhhen, a member of Co. B., 127th Bn, RTC, has covered the difficult course in 17 seconds flat.

Dante Dalletezze, who starred at guard on the Pitt Panthers football team, and was voted the best lineman ever to play for Jeannette, (Pa.) High School, was recently commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the OCS, TD School.

None of the following have ever played football for Notre Dame, but if their names appeared in the line-up of the "Fighting Irish" no one would be surprised: Privates Walter, Cxaplicki, Anthony M. Ciavarella, John W. Kauzlarih, all of Co. B, 127th Bn. RTC.

Lt. W.C. Hetherington, in charge of athletics in the 128th TD Tng. Bn., has organized a schedule of football and softball games between companies of the battalion which are proving popular with the men … He recently issued a call for football players and hopes to organize a battalion team for twilight games.

Lt. H.A. Propster, Co. H., Student Regiment, a former New York state bowling champion, is now secretary of an officers bowling league formed in the Student Regiment.

One of the strongest service football teams on the Pacific Coast is the March Field, Calif., eleven. The Flyers lineup presents an impressive array of former college stars including Jim Nelson, ex-Alabama All-American triple threat back; Floyd Phillips and Dick Palmer, former guards USC and Stanford respectively; and Jim Austin, ex-St. Mary's gridden.

Bitsy Grant, might mite of the tennis courts, is now a private in the Air Force ground crew and is stationed at Sheppard Field, Texas.

Fidel LaBarba, former flyweight champ, is now a private, acting as boxing instructor at March Field, Calif.

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