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Camp Hood Acquires More Acres to Expand Cantonment

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Editor's note: Camp officials realized that more land was needed; the post expanded to the north and southwest. This article ran in the Temple Daily Telegram Nov. 7, 1942.

Fifty thousand acres more land is being acquired for expansion of Camp Hood, Maj. Gen. A.D. Bruce announced Friday.

The acreage being acquired includes 34,000 acres between the present camp and Gatesville.

Approximately 16,000 acres south of the cantonment is being acquired for use by the Tank Destroyer School which will, in turn, release part of its present acreage in the eastern end of the present Camp Hood reservation to the Advanced Unit Training Center. This area is generally near Copperas Cove.

In determining the land needed, General Bruce pointed out, the established policy of General George C. Marshall, U.S. Army chief of staff, in taking into consideration the needs of the adjoining communities, was strictly followed.

Every effort was made to keep away from the productive farm land contiguous to communities of Killeen and Gatesville. Whenever possible, the army is using the roughest land, although it will be impossible not to include some good land, the general said.

The only community involved in the two large tracts is Ruth, in Coryell County.

Surveys are being rapidly completed and probably 3,000 acres of the southern tract will be taken in the immediate future.

Problems connecting with the acquisition of the northern camp were discussed at a recent meeting with the landlords by General Bruce.

A similar meeting has been called for the southern area. It will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, in the theater at the corner of Hood Road and Headquarters Ave., Camp Hood.

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