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Huge Civilian Housing Project Planned for Fort Hood

Early Fort Hood

Editor's note: Not only did soldiers pour into the area but a large number of civilians were needed to build and operate the camp. This article ran in the Hood Panther Dec. 10, 1942.

Construction of a huge civilian housing project for Camp Hood providing for 1,091 units and 2,367 bedrooms was announced recently.

The project will be built south of the present cantonment site across the new Lampasas road on the ridge overlooking the cantonment warehouse area, and will include a complete city, with a three-acre recreation area and community building and a schoolhouse.

The National Housing Agency is building the project for use by civilian employees of the camp.

The construction plans call for 705 units of hollow tie eight inches tick with interior walls four inches thick. Floors will be concrete.

Buildings will be laid out in two oval-shaped centers, with the recreation area in between.

A third center will consist of 385 trailer units.

Some of the home units will be two bedroom apartments and some three.

All will be furnished and utilities service will be provided by the camp Hood utilities.

The apartments will be rented to civilian employees and the entire settlement, when completed, will be run as a community in itself.

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