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North Camp Opens; Post Swells to 80,000 Troops

Soldiers march through town

Editor’s note: The camp continues to grow and expand missions very quickly. This article ran in the Hood Panther May 27, 1943.

Lt. Gen. Lesley J. McNair, commanding general, Army Ground Forces will review 14,000 troops of the Replacement Training Center as part of the opening day ceremonies at North Camp Saturday.

General McNair, recently returned from North Africa where he was injured by enemy fire while on an inspection tour at the front, will be guest of honor and principal speaker at the ceremonies opening the new camp which houses the RTC and Basic Unit Training Center.

Flags will be massed

More than 600 massed flags of all TD units will fly as the troops pass in review.

It was under General McNair's supervision that the Tank Destroyer Center was created, organized and developed and into the center's program many of his own ideas have been incorporated.

He has been a visitor at Camp Hood several times in the past year and has kept in close touch with every phase of the development of the camp — which has now grown to an 80,000-man, 160,000-acre army camp.

Training goes on

Though training schedules will be in full swing on the ranges and at both camps, arrangements have been made to permit the public to attend a display of Tank Destroyer weapons, and tour the training area and firing ranges over designated routes which will not interfere with the movement of military vehicles.

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